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Why Tidying Up Will Save You Money

February 07, 2016
tidying up, save more, budgeting, money help

I have always struggled with being messy. It's not that I don't like having a clean room or apartment, but as hard as I tried I couldn't seem to keep my place tidy. There was always a trail of stuff in my wake. You could almost follow where I was and what I did throughout the day by the messes I lef...
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What It Means to Invest in Women

January 25, 2016
invest in women

I’m a big believer of putting our money where our heart is. I find that in doing so, we experience much more meaning from the money we do spend and invest, which also helps us save more. We can do this by: Aligning our spending with our values Giving our money to causes that we feel passiona...
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The Equation Reframe that Will Help You Save

January 18, 2016
help you save, budgeting

Despite what you might think, conquering your personal finances has very little to do with being good at numbers. It doesn’t matter if you swore off math as a preteen. Elementary school level math is all that you need to help you save. It all comes down to adding and subtracting and luckily, w...
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30 Reasons to Go on a 30 Day Money Cleanse

January 11, 2016
30 Day Money Cleanse

The 30 Day Money Cleanse starts this Tuesday (tomorrow)! The course has helped thousands of people save more, live better and achieve their biggest money goals. While that sounds pretty spectacular, here are 30 other reasons (in no particular order) that you should join me for the 30 Day Money Clean...
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Need a Resolution? Put Yourself on a Money Cleanse

January 08, 2016
30 Day Money Cleanse, budgeting class

Cleanses are all the rage. We drink juice for seven days straight, swear off alcohol for a month and sweat it out in the steam room. Why not do a cleanse for our wallets to improve our financial health? How about a Money Cleanse? Most people I work with are looking to save more. They might be saving...
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Make Your Dreams Fabulously Frugal with these 5 Steps

January 02, 2016
Fabulously frugal, savings goals, save up

I have the travel bug. I day dream about far away (and nearby) places, drool over friends' travel photos and create itineraries for fictitious trips. While this might sound like an expensive bug, pairing travel with being fabulously frugal means more travel for less cost. Why take one trip when you ...
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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2016 – the Fiscal Femme

December 29, 2015
invest in yourself, know your worth

All of our goals and dreams are financial in one way or another. We either need money to fund the dream itself or to fund our lives while we live the dream. Long story short, this whole money thing is an important part of us living the lives we want! You might have a laundry list of things you sh...
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My New Favorite Word: Impact

December 21, 2015
my new favorite word - impact

My word for the year 2016 is impact. I want to maximize the impact of my work, impact per dollar spent, impact of my workouts and the list goes on and on. You know the old adage “quality over quantity.” I don’t need 10 pairs of pants, I’m very happy with having a couple that I absolutely ...
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The Magic Money Shift

December 17, 2015
the magic money shift

When I work with people, I get to witness a very magical and transformative shift occur in their money lives. Clients reach out for all different reasons but what they all have in common is that money stresses them out. Maybe they aren’t sure how much they should be spending or saving, they fee...
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Why She Changed Jobs 3 Times in 2015

December 14, 2015
why she changed jobs 3x

I’m so excited to share this piece from a dear friend and trailblazer who refused to settle for anything less than her dream career. She went beyond the status quo and switched jobs three times in the 2015, acquiring more and more seniority, pay and passion. As we reflect on 2015 and decide where ...
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