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Meet Penny, the Planner

August 12, 2016
Penny the Planner

Penny, the Planner has clear financial goals and understands the value of a budget. She loves executing a plan! If Penny doesn't have a plan, it’s time to get one so that she can get to work on making her goals and dreams come true. She has a healthy relationship with money and tends to in...
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A Week in Westchester on a $600K Salary

August 09, 2016
money journal, week in the life, family

I am excited to share another real life, one of a kind money journal with you. This money journal represents a week in the life a new family with a 20-month-old baby. I hope this sparks some new and powerful conversations around money! INDUSTRY: Finance- Husband; Entrepreneur and Full time Grad...
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Meet Sally, the Spender

July 26, 2016
Sally the Spender

She is tons of fun and lives in the present moment. She realizes we only live once and believes in indulging in cravings rather than delaying gratification. She is often dubbed a “people pleaser” by those who know her well and is known for being very generous. She can get into trouble by sp...
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Meet Hannah, the Hoarder

July 19, 2016
Hannah the Hoarder, Money Persona Quiz

Hannah goes out of her way to save or “pinch-pennies” and invests her money very conservatively. She is very prepared in case of an emergency or financial loss but still feels guilty when she spends money. She doesn't view money as something to be used for enjoyment but rather for protect...
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A week in Astoria on an $80,000 salary

July 14, 2016
Money journal

The feedback on A Week in NYC on a $210,000 Salary  was tremendous so I'm bringing you more! I'm so excited to share another real life money journal with you. Today we have an entrepreneur who doesn't shy away tracking a "doozy" of a week. INDUSTRY: Career Change Consulting LOCATION: Astoria, ...
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Meet Agnes, the Avoider

July 12, 2016
Agnes the Avoider

Like an ostrich with her head in the sand, Agnes prefers not to know what’s going on with her finances because she's afraid of what she might find. Her credit card statements go unopened, her balances go unchecked and her taxes may be late each year. When she does decide to tackle her fi...
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The 30 Day Money Cleanse Challenge

July 11, 2016

I'm so excited to kick off a 30 day challenge of financial fitness, detox and cleansing! The 30 Day Money Cleanse Challenge is the perfect daily dose of inspiration, action and guidance to empower you to make big strides in your financial wellness without the pain and suffering. If you join me on t...
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A Week in NYC on a $210,000 Salary

June 14, 2016
cortado, succulent, coffee shop, week in nyc

We all have different priorities, circumstances and money personas and this all gets reflected in the way we earn, spend, invest and feel about money. We are truly one of a kind! To complicate matters more, we most often don't feel like we can talk about money and because we keep this very import...
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7 Habits that Will Make You a Millionaire

June 09, 2016
Walking in the city, millionaire habits

One of the things I work on with clients is maximizing their happiness per dollar spent. This isn't a one day fix but a process that entails becoming mindful, getting clear on what's important and doing some fun experimenting. We often don't realize the impact that little habits can have over tim...
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Have a money party!

June 06, 2016
cake, celebrate, money party, money meeting

Imagine this. You get home from work, put on something super comfy and luxurious, pour a glass of wine or a nice warm tea and turn on your favorite music. You are so excited to get started. No, this is not the start to the sexy scene you might be thinking of (get your head out of the gutter!) but ...
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