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My #1 Investing Tip

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#1 investing tip, mountain top

Do you want your money to grow while you sleep, travel and have fun? Who doesn’t!

My #1 investing tip is quite simple actually. Just get started! Your money can’t work for you if you’re only thinking about investing, you have to actually start for it to work.

If you’ve known you should be investing but something has been keeping you from getting started, I don’t blame you! It’s not something we learn about in school and if you’ve ever tried to research it yourself, you probably experienced information overload. There are entire TV channels, thousands of books and millions of articles dedicated to investing. No wonder we are so scared of making a mistake.

When it comes to our money (and life), we often want to feel 100% prepared and ready before we get going on something. We can always know more and prepare more so at some point we just have to take action.

Get started today and commit to joining me for the #SavvyInvestorChallenge. It’s the perfect daily dose of action, inspiration and guidance to empower you to become a savvy investor and understand how to grow your wealth!

Here’s how it works:

  • Join me on twitter, instagram or facebook
  • Look out for the daily challenge
  • Take the challenge, tag me @thefiscalfemme with #SavvyInvestorChallenge
  • Reap the benefits

What are the benefits?

  • You get to invest in and improve your financial wellness. This means more of the good stuff like money and fun and less of the bad stuff like fear and guilt
  • Understand how to grow your money!
  • I’m donating $1 to a charity that promotes financial literacy for every challenge you share. I’m capping my donation at $250 but excited for others to join in on the giving in the future to increase our impact!
  • Opportunities to win awesome prizes
  • Support and inspiration from me and more importantly, the incredible people who join you for the challenge.

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