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10 Frugal Joys to Try Out This Spring

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Frugal Joys, Picnic with Friends

As the weather gets nicer, we tend to spend more money. We head to the beach for a weekend getaway, enjoy more happy hours outside or realize we need some wardrobe updates. It’s no wonder we equate having more fun with spending more money!

This is where frugal joys come in really handy.

Frugal joys are free or inexpensive things that make us really happy. They are awesome for three reasons:

1) Switching out activities for frugal joys can save us a lot of money.

2) Frugal joys make us happy!

3) Looking out for frugal joys shifts our mindset. We start finding the joy in everything!

Even more, warm weather opens up a whole new frugal joy ballgame. Of course, frugal joys are different for everyone. What makes one person happy, can be another’s nightmare. Or sometimes something might sound like it will be a blast but we end up not really enjoying it. That’s why it’s so important to test out frugal joys to see which work best for you. Here are ten frugal joys you can test out this spring.

Have a picnic. Grab a blanket, some snacks and head the park with a bunch of friends. Quality friend time + sunshine = a happy gal.

Explore a new neighborhood or area. In NYC, every neighborhood has such a different personality. Hop on the subway or drive somewhere new and explore. Turn it into an adventure!

Go for a walk in the middle of the day. When you’re ready for a break at work, head outside and take a walk. It can be the perfect cure for the afternoon rut.

Meditate outside. Spice up your daily meditation with a change of scenery. Sitting in nature can be extremely rejuvenating.

Smell the roses (yes, literally). Flowers are starting to bloom and they smell beautiful! We just have to take the time to stop and enjoy them.

Make popsicles. Cool off with some delicious homemade snacks.

Wake up to sunshine. The sun is rising earlier and earlier. I love waking up to chirping birds and sunshine!

Go for a run (or workout outside).  Change it up and get some exercise outside. You can’t beat the view!

Check out local free outdoor events. Look for fun free outdoor events in your area. NYC has outdoor movies, concerts and festivals that can all be enjoyed for FREE.

Grab a bench and get lost in a book. Spending some time outside reading feels like such a luxury!

Frugal Joys, Reading outside

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