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Month: February 2016

Become a “Saver” with these 5 Steps

February 26, 2016
become a saver, easy budgeting, money help

People often make a change when the pain of the status quo is greater than the discomfort it takes to do something different. In our money lives that trigger might be an immense feeling of guilt or worry, impending debt or even not being able to afford something we really want. Something happens an...
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Maximize Your Credit Card Point Game

February 22, 2016
Credit card points, miles, the fiscal femme

Have you ever met someone who travels the world on credit card points? It just seems like they get a free hotel room or flight upgrade every time they travel. For me, that's my friend and credit card point expert, Jay Peay.  As you'll see from our interview, he's learned to maximize credit ca...
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4 Investing Myths Debunked

February 15, 2016
savvy investing, investing 101

The Savvy Investor Course starts tomorrow night and I could not be more excited to demystify the world of investing with this amazing group! I thought today would be a perfect day to debunk some of the most common investing myths I hear. Think about what's holding you back from getting started. ...
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Protect Yourself – What insurance do I need?

February 10, 2016
Protect yourself, what insurance do I need?

When it comes to insurance, we get bombarded with a zillion different products that we don't quite understand, aren't sure if we need and in reality can't afford. No wonder we glaze over - it seems hopeless! While you can insure just about anything (even body parts!), here are very brief overview...
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Why Tidying Up Will Save You Money

February 07, 2016
tidying up, save more, budgeting, money help

I have always struggled with being messy. It's not that I don't like having a clean room or apartment, but as hard as I tried I couldn't seem to keep my place tidy. There was always a trail of stuff in my wake. You could almost follow where I was and what I did throughout the day by the messes I lef...
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