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Month: August 2016

A week in Bushwick on a $50K salary

August 23, 2016
money journal, beach day

We all have different priorities, circumstances and money personas and this all gets reflected in the way we earn, spend, invest and feel about money. We are truly one of a kind! To complicate matters more, we most often don’t feel like we can talk about money and because we keep this very impo...
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How a Travel Job = Building an Emergency Fund + Adventure

August 17, 2016
travel job

By Shannon O’Brien I took a unique role working as a chapter consultant for my sorority right after college. A month after graduation, I began supporting collegiate women with recruitment and leadership development, visiting over 40 college campuses in more than 15 states for two years. There w...
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Take the Savvy Investor Challenge

August 16, 2016

The 30 day #MoneyCleanseChallenge was so much fun, had incredible results and raised funds for financial literacy (it's not too late to take the #MoneyCleanseChallenge challenge here) so we're back with another one! The 30 day #SavvyInvestorChallenge is the perfect daily dose of action, inspiratio...
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You Can Still Take the 30 Day #MoneyCleanseChallenge

August 15, 2016

The #MoneyCleanseChallenge might technically be over (for now!), but you can still reap all the benefits by taking on the challenge on your own.  I'm going to walk you through all 30 steps you can take (I recommend 1 per day) so that you can make big strides in your financial wellness. The winner o...
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Meet Penny, the Planner

August 12, 2016
Penny the Planner

Penny, the Planner has clear financial goals and understands the value of a budget. She loves executing a plan! If Penny doesn't have a plan, it’s time to get one so that she can get to work on making her goals and dreams come true. She has a healthy relationship with money and tends to in...
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A Week in Westchester on a $600K Salary

August 09, 2016
money journal, week in the life, family

I am excited to share another real life, one of a kind money journal with you. This money journal represents a week in the life a new family with a 20-month-old baby. I hope this sparks some new and powerful conversations around money! INDUSTRY: Finance- Husband; Entrepreneur and Full time Grad...
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