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3 Shopping Hacks that Will Help You Save More Money

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Online shopping hacks that will help you save big

I very rarely find myself writing about shopping. First of all, I actually dislike going shopping and was very surprised to find that many women are with me on this one. It’s stressful! Shopping is a mission to find the perfect item(s) in a sea of colors, sizes and shapes. Not to mention crowds, time constraints, pressure from sales associates and trying to find good deals!

I also find that if I’m not in the market to buy something and end up meandering around a store, I always walk out with something I absolutely “needed” or am now pining over something that I now “need.” You know what I mean. Window shopping causes us to “need” things we didn’t even know existed ten minutes earlier.

Regardless, sometimes (or oftentimes) we do actually need or want to buy things and for all the reasons above, many of us turn to online shopping! That’s why I”m so excited to share these superb shopping hacks. They will help you save so much more money without any additional time or effort.

Ebates. Ebates is an amazing site that gives you cash back when you shop online. The percent cash back will vary depending on where you are shopping and the day but I’ve seen anything from 0-25% (usually on the lower side of that range). If you are going to buy something anyway, why not get cash back? I’ve been using Ebates for a while but I would always forget to sign in and go through Ebates to earn the cash back at check-out. Now you can get browser extensions so Ebates savings pop up automatically whenever you are on a website. Here’s the link to the Chrome Ebates extension but you can find extensions for other browsers as well so you never have to remember to login to Ebates again.

Honey. The next phase of the online shopping process is checkout. When I remembered, especially for larger ticket items, I would always search around for coupon codes to get additional discounts on sites. It was a frustrating and time consuming process that often didn’t pan out. Enter Honey. At checkout, Honey tests every coupon code available so you don’t have to. Even better, you can get the browser extension for this one as well (here’s the Honey chrome extension) so you never have to remember to do it again. It’s so rewarding to watch as Honey tests every coupon code.

Between Ebates and Honey, you’ll be saving big every time you buy something online! That being said, here’s a very important side note: If you weren’t going to buy it anyway, you are not saving money!

This last hack is a bonus that often surprises my clients. You can share your Amazon Prime membership with someone else in your household. That doesn’t mean you share your credit card info, account info or have to ship to the same address as them. You can operate completely separate accounts and share the $99 per year Amazon Prime fee. That’s $50 you can do something more fun with!

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