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5 Frugal Joys to Plan for this Spring

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Spring has officially sprung! And while most of us can’t bring out our shorts just yet, we can start planning some fun activities for spring. A change in the seasons is a great time to discover some new frugal joys—the free or inexpensive things that make us really happy. This will be different for each of us depending on our interests and values, so it’s important to make a list of what appeals to you and test out different ideas. See which bring you the most joy, or add new ideas to the list and try again!


Spring clean your life.

The best part about this activity is that you can get started right now! Kick your spring off with a fresh start by cleaning out your closets, your home, your inbox, your finances, or whatever else has been feeling cluttered or weighing you down. Rather than seeing the process as a chore, think about how you can use the new space or how the peace of mind will add to your life. And make it fun by playing music, or enlisting a friend to help (and then returning the favor).


Take your favorite game outdoors.

Whether you’re excited about throwing a football, playing bocce, or setting up a deck of cards, take the games outside! You can lay out a picnic blanket, find a table in a park, or pick an open green space to enjoy the sunshine and have some fun with friends. Even board games are more fun outside. Once you’ve had your fill of healthy competition for one day, set a day for a rematch and get everyone together again.


Shop the season.

Stop by your local farmers market and pick up some of the new foods that are coming into season. Foods that are fresh and in season always taste better—just ask health coach Tracey Lemle, who’s giving advice in our Eat Healthy on a Budget Series. It’s fun to try out new ingredients and discover new dishes to highlight seasonal specialties. Savor the switch from root vegetables to asparagus and artichokes, and to lighter dishes with bright spring flavors.


Pass on the Uber and walk instead.

On a gorgeous spring day, it’s almost meditative to walk from one place to the other and take in the beautiful scenery. After the long and cold winter, we are so appreciative of the sunshine that it can feel like a treat just to be outside. In the nice weather, a walk can be the perfect break from work, or it can shake up an otherwise boring commute. Plus, this frugal joy will actually cut out your taxi or public transportation expense, so it’s a win-win! 


Take a tour.

If there are local sights in your area that you’ve been wanting to check out, a warm day is the perfect opportunity. Botanical gardens, walking tours, and outdoor museums are great activities for spring weather, and you can often spend your whole day taking in the exhibits or attractions. Make a list of all the places in your area that you want to see, and if they have admission fees, do some research about discounted (or free!) admission days.

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