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5 Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2016 – the Fiscal Femme

invest in yourself, know your worth

All of our goals and dreams are financial in one way or another. We either need money to fund the dream itself or to fund our lives while we live the dream. Long story short, this whole money thing is an important part of us living the lives we want!

You might have a laundry list of things you should be doing with your money. Or let’s face it, things you think you should have accomplished in your money life years ago! How can we prioritize and invest the money we do have to create the most impact?

We often think of investing as buying stocks and bonds but an investment just means putting money towards something today that will provide wealth in the future. Here are 5 places to invest your money in 2016 that will provide long-lasting dividends.

If you’ve ever been sick, you know how much your health can affect your happiness. Investing in your health now not only adds years to your life but also improves your quality of life so that you get to enjoy it more! How can you invest in your health in 2016? It might mean joining a gym, buying healthier foods or even adding an extra half hour of sleep to your daily routine. By doing so, you might also inspire those around you to invest in their health as well!

People often think of budgets as restricting and blah but I truly believe that they are an underrated key to happiness. Imagine if you could put together a plan that allows you to have and do everything you truly want? And bonus, you no longer have to stress out about money or feel guilty? Sign me up! Put together a spending plan for 2016 and treat it like a puzzle. How can you allocate your money in the way that makes you the happiest? If you want help putting together a spending plan, join my 30 Day Money Cleanse!

Prioritizing the people we love most (including ourselves) will return dividends. More time with our loved ones, doing the things we love to do most is one of the most meaningful ways to spend our time and money. Does your wallet and calendar line up with what’s most important to you? And don’t forget to take time to relax and pamper yourself!

We are often so focused on growing our wealth that we forget we need to protect it. If you are renting, make sure you have renters insurance to protect your belongings in the case of theft or fire. For a small fee per month you can have peace of mind that everything you own is safe. Do you have disability insurance in case you are not able to work for a period of time? Here’s more info on the types of insurance so you can figure out what makes the most sense for you.

Depending on where you are in your money journey, investing in your future can mean different things. If you don’t have a rainy day fund or cushion, you will want to prioritize saving up at least 3 months of expenses in the case of the unexpected. If that’s taken care of, you might decide to tackle credit card debt or max out your 401-K contribution. Wherever you are in your financial life, come up with a way you can invest in your future in 2016.

I’d love to hear where you plan to invest your money in 2016. Send me a note at Hope you have a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year!

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