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7 Fabulously Frugal Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Fun fact. According to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day this year. How does it break down? $88.98 on partners, $25.29 on other family, $7.26 on children’s classmates and teachers, $7.19 on friends, $5.50 on pets, and $4.79 on co-workers. 25-34 year-olds will be the biggest spenders at $202.76.
Not a fan of the holiday? 27% of consumers who don’t partake in Valentine’s Day still plan to treat themselves or get together with family and friends.
Regardless of your relationship status, here are a some fabulously frugal and fun things you can do with someone special (including yourself!) this week!
Enjoy a romantic meal at home instead of hitting the town. Cook your favorite dinner at home instead of paying the Valentine’s Day pre-fix menu. Add some romance by decorating your table with some candles or a nice table setting.
If you’re going out, do something unexpected. Skip the fancy restaurant and try something off the beaten path or even opt for a fun activity instead. Maybe find some great live music or go see a play.
Go somewhere nice just for dessert. Go out for some dessert or a drink at a special restaurant.
Write a love letter. Let your partner know how much you love them the old fashioned way with a heartfelt note or even with lots of small notes that they can find over the course of the day (shh…. I’m going to do this!).
Celebrate on a different day. Restaurants are crowded and expensive on the 14th, but they won’t be on the 13th or the 15th. Stay home when everyone else is out and enjoy a special night another time that week. Our wedding anniversary is on the 15th so we always celebrate the day after.
Invite friends over for a potluck dinner and game night. Invite your friends over for a fun celebration and some friendly competition.
Quality time. Put the phones away and spend some quality time alone, with fam or with your significant other. We started doing this on a nightly basis and it has made such a huge difference.
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