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7 Habits that Will Make You a Millionaire

June 09, 2016
Walking in the city, millionaire habits

One of the things I work on with clients is maximizing their happiness per dollar spent. This isn't a one day fix but a process that entails becoming mindful, getting clear on what's important and doing some fun experimenting. We often don't realize the impact that little habits can have over tim...
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Have a money party!

June 06, 2016
cake, celebrate, money party, money meeting

Imagine this. You get home from work, put on something super comfy and luxurious, pour a glass of wine or a nice warm tea and turn on your favorite music. You are so excited to get started. No, this is not the start to the sexy scene you might be thinking of (get your head out of the gutter!) but ...
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Little Known Travel Points Tips & Tricks

May 26, 2016

I'm back with Jay Peay, my favorite credit card points and travel expert who taught us how to maximize our credit card points and fly free with airline miles. This time, he's sharing some of his best tips that very few people know about and even fewer actually take advantage of. Get ready to learn ...
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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Student Loans

May 24, 2016
Books, Student Loans

If student loans have you stressed out and confused, you are not alone. The average college graduate has $28,950 in student loan debt. Prioritizing student loan payments, contributing to your 401-K and building up your savings all the while trying to have some fun is the new norm. After working with...
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Get Inspired – How Lisa Paid Down Her Debt & Started Saving

May 18, 2016

Lisa came to me with problems that were not unique. She was living paycheck to paycheck, had racked up some credit card debt and had stopped payment on her student loans. She, like many people, thought the answer to all of her self-proclaimed money problems was to earn more money, but when she got a...
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How to have the “money talk” with your partner

May 12, 2016
Couple holding hands, how to have the money talk

According to a recent survey done by Experian, 1/3 of newlyweds are in the dark about their partner's finances. Here are some shocking stats from the survey: 33% of newlyweds are surprised by their partner's financial situation 20% of men and 12% of women had secret financial accounts that ...
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Have a Crazy Fun Summer with No Money Stress

May 09, 2016
crazy fun summer, no money stress

Summer is around the corner. It's a time for sunshine, celebration, travel and usually, spending way too much money! My goal for all of us this summer is to have and experience all the wonderful things we want, without the stress,  guilt and sabotage of our long-term goals that often comes along ...
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What We Can Do to Fix the Gender Pay Gap

May 02, 2016
Gender pay gap

Image Source: Barrel When the gender pay gap comes up in conversation (and with me it often does!), people will say "there has to be some logical explanation. Do you think it's actually real?" I want to set the record straight right here, right now. The pay gap is not only real, it's raging. ...
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The Heart of Our Financial Decisions

April 27, 2016
New York City, Financial Decisions

Written by Kelsey Clark.. I have a confession to make: I lead an egregiously irresponsible life. I’m not talking about my inability to show up for work on time or my borderline inappropriate twist on “business casual.” Despite graduating into a subpar job market with a degree more aptly ...
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Increase Your Credit Score with this First Step

April 25, 2016
How to Increase Your Credit Score

Most of us know that having good credit is important. It can determine whether or not lenders will loan us the money for a house, a car, to go to school or to finance a new venture. Having a higher credit score will also save us a lot of money in interest if we do end up taking out a loan. This...
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