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Money Cleanse, the Fiscal Femme

Money is to budgeting as food is to dieting.

There are countless books, articles and tons of other resources dedicated to food and money. We try our best to budget, overspend, dust ourselves off and try again. We commit to a new diet but temptation wins out. Here we go again! It’s the endless cycle. We switch between moments of futility, guilt, commitment and when we’re lucky, success. Why does it have to be so hard?

While at first glance food and money seem pretty separate, they are actually more similar than they are different. Both food and money are very integral to our lives. We can’t avoid using money and we have to eat to live. We also tend to fall into the same traps with both time and time again. The good news is that we can tackle both areas with the same principles. That’s why a Money Cleanse and a food cleanse work so successfully. They aren’t any different!

So how do we live in harmony with these two very important aspects of our lives?

The numbers are simple.

You don’t struggle with money because you are bad at math. The equation is simple. Money in minus money out equals what’s leftover for your goals. Calories in minus calories out equals how much weight you are going to lose or gain.

Earnings – Expenses = Savings

Food – Calories Burned = Weight Loss or Gain

If it were really that easy, no one would struggle with dieting or budgeting!

We are in a relationship with both food and money.

Why isn’t it as easy as money in minus money out? First, we have to get present to our relationship food and money. A relationship just means how we interact with it. Do you avoid your money altogether? Or swear carbs off like a crazy ex-boyfriend and then eat ten cookies? What words would you use to describe your relationship with food? How about money? Are they similar or different?

Scarcity is prevalent.

Unfortunately, one of the most common ways we interact with food and money is from a place of scarcity or not enough. Why doesn’t this work? Think about it. If there is not enough of something, that creates fear. We need food and money to live. If we think we don’t have enough of either we are going to try to get as much as possible right NOW. This leads to overeating and overspending.

We try to willpower ourselves into submission (mostly unsuccessfully).

If budgeting or dieting is hard then you are coming at it from a scarcity mindset. When we tell ourselves “no” or try to willpower ourselves into submission we are in a battle with ourselves. It starts with some willpower but pretty soon we’re beating ourselves up about spending too much or eating too much and the cycle of over-indulging and guilt continues. Can you see the self sabotage?

You and the you that’s budgeting or dieting want exactly the same thing. You both want to feel healthy, save up for something you really want or [insert goal here]. Forgiving ourselves for where we are and getting back on our own team is the first step to creating a spending or eating plan from a place of abundance.

We miss out on joy. 

We work to earn money to live our best lives in the short and long-term. Think about all the joy we miss out on when we spend the day beating ourselves up about every dollar we spend or item we eat.

Some simple mindset shifts can end the cycle of willpower and guilt, revolutionize your success and tremendously increase your joy. Who’s with me?!

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