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You Can Still Take the 30 Day #MoneyCleanseChallenge

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The #MoneyCleanseChallenge might technically be over (for now!), but you can still reap all the benefits by taking on the challenge on your own.  I’m going to walk you through all 30 steps you can take (I recommend 1 per day) so that you can make big strides in your financial wellness. The winner of the free 30 Day Money Cleanse, Angela Decello, took on the challenge for all 30 days and was able to pay off $1,000 in credit card debt. So amazing! We also raised $150 for High Water Women’s financial literacy program!

NEED SUPPORT? If you need some accountability, commit to posting the challenge each day or enroll an accountability buddy to do the challenge with you! Use #MoneyCleanseChallenge or tag me @thefiscalfemme and I’ll support you!

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? More money and fun. Less stress and guilt.

Without further ado, the 30 Day #MoneyCleanseChallenge…

money cleanse

DAY 1 CHALLENGE: Invite friends to join you! Share this with them or tag them below! #letsdothis

money persona quiz

DAY 2 CHALLENGE: Take the Money Persona Quiz to find out your dominant money persona. ? Are you an Agnes, the Avoider? ?

A Bit About Agnes: Like an ostrich with her head in the sand, Agnes prefers not to know what’s going on with her finances because she’s afraid of what she might find. Her credit card statements go unopened, her balances go unchecked and her taxes may be late each year. When she does decide to tackle her finances, she gets overwhelmed by all the information out there and doesn’t act out of fear of making a “bad” move or mistake. Her friends describe her as a perfectionist or aloof. While ignorance might feel like bliss, it doesn’t change what’s really going on.


DAY 3 CHALLENGE: Set up an automatic transfer (even if it’s just $5 a week) to a savings account that’s not connected to your checking ? Why? Out of sight, out of mind and it’s not so easy to transfer money over on a whim ? Congrats, you are now a saver!

money journal

DAY 4 CHALLENGE: Keep a money journal for 1 week. That means writing down or typing out everything you spend and earn for 7 days ? Want some inspiration? Check out this real life money journal (believe me, it’s a ?) .

money love

DAY 5 CHALLENGE: It’s time to get on our own team! ? We often try to battle ourselves into submission when it comes to our money goals (and goals in general). That promotes a cycle of feast / famine or spending / guilt. It just doesn’t work! ? Today’s challenge? Muster up some compassion for where you are in your money life. When you think about it, we have a lot working against us. Truly forgive yourself for where you are right now.

frugal joy

DAY 6 CHALLENGE: Enjoy a #FrugalJoy! ? A frugal joy is something free or inexpensive that makes you really happy ? They help us maximize our joy per dollar ? Today’s challenge? Enjoy and share a photo of your #FrugalJoy with #MoneyCleanseChallenge ? Check out free summer events like concerts in the park, festivals or shows, read a book in the sunshine or go on a walking date with a friend.


DAY 7 CHALLENGE: Practice gratitude for each of your expenses – especially your bills! ?We often take for granted the roof over our head, running water and the electricity that’s lighting up our home, making the microwave work and running our fridge full of delicious food ?As you pay for any bill today, take a moment to think about how grateful you are for the service it provides ‬?Practicing gratitude gets us attuned to how much we have already.

dream team

DAY 8 CHALLENGE: Create your Dream Team! ? Our Dream Team is made up of the people who love us and support us in our dreams (and vice versa!). They are often the ones we spend the most time with – our family, our partners and our besties ? When we let them in on what we are out to accomplish, they lift us up to help us reach our goals ? Justin, my hubby, is a key member of my dream team!

money persona quiz

DAY 9 CHALLENGE: Share the Money Persona Quiz (and take the quiz if you haven’t already!) ? Are you a Hannah, the Hoarder? ?

A Bit About Hannah: Hannah goes out of her way to save or “pinch-pennies” and invests her money very conservatively. She is very prepared in case of an emergency or financial loss but still feels guilty when she spends money. She doesn’t view money as something to be used for enjoyment but rather for protection and security. Hannah sticks to a strict budget and financial plan but money still worries her and feels like a burden. While her saving and financial acumen are commendable, we want to make sure she’s not failing to enjoy life and skimping out on important fulfilling spending.

30 day money cleanse

DAY 10 CHALLENGE: $950 ? That’s what someone taking the 30 Day Money Cleanse saves, on average
? What would you do with an extra $950?

dream team

DAY 11 CHALLENGE: What was your first money memory? ? Our first memory around money can tell us a lot about our potential view and relationship with money.

money mantra

DAY 12 CHALLENGE: What’s your money mantra? ? A money mantra is something we repeat to ourselves around money (whether we know it or not) ? We often have very disempowered money mantras which lead to actions that are not consistent with what we want ?Replace your non-serving with something powerful!

fabulously frugal

DAY 13 CHALLENGE: Do something this weekend that’s fabulously frugal ? Fab frugal means increasing the fabulous in your life while decreasing the cost. These are win-win scenarios ? I’m having a picnic for ☀️??? ?


DAY 14 CHALLENGE: Keep a gratitude journal ⛱ When we write down 3 things we are thankful for each day, we focus on all that we already have and this fosters abundance ⛱ I’m grateful for my amazing family and that I get to spend time with some of them this weekend ⛱ What are you grateful for?

take action

DAY 15 CHALLENGE: ❤️ this quote. It’s easy to put off taking action in our financial wellness but it’s actually the most important thing we can do! ? Today’s challenge? Share some Monday money motivation ? Who inspires you or who are you looking to inspire around money? ? I’m inspired by the success of past Money Cleansers, Lauren Cecchi who saved $2,000+ in two months, Amy who saved $2,500 in 30 days and Haley and Laurie who now save an extra $600 and $1,200 per month, respectively ??????

Sally the Spender

DAY 16 CHALLENGE: Do one of the customized tips from your Money Persona Quiz result ? Are you a Sally, the Spender? ?

A Bit About Sally: Sally is tons of fun and lives in the present moment. She realizes we only live once and believes in indulging in cravings rather than delaying gratification. She is often dubbed a “people pleaser” by those who know her well and is known for being very generous. She can get into trouble by spending more than she makes and has little interest in planning for the future. We want her to keep that amazing spirit while also protecting herself from financial burden and preparing herself for an amazing life in the future.

ferris wheel; paycheck to paycheck

DAY 17 CHALLENGE: I have another number for you. 76% ? 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck ? If you’re stuck on the hamster wheel (or Ferris wheel), you’re in good company ? Create the space to save ? What’s an expense you are willing to let go of or swap out (notice my language… more on this later!)? What’s the annual impact of that expense?

vacation boat

DAY 18 CHALLENGE: There’s so much power in the language we use around money ⛵️ A couple reframes and our whole world can change ⛵️ What comes to mind when you hear the word budget? ⛵️ I call budgets happiness allocations because that’s what they are! They are a tool we can use to allocate our money in the way that makes us the happiest in the short and long-term. Doesn’t that sound so much more blissful? ⛵️ To me, that’s freedom.

coffee shop

DAY 19 CHALLENGE: Sharing is caring ☕️ We often keep our money lives completely to ourselves ☕️ There are many repercussions of this but one major one is that our dream team is unable to support us in our goals and dreams ☕️ Share one of your goals (all goals are money related in one way or another) with someone on your dream team.

frugal joy

DAY 20 CHALLENGE: Share a #FrugalJoy this weekend! ? A frugal joy is something free or inexpensive that makes you really happy ? They increase the joy in our lives without increasing the cost ? My #frugaljoy? Making everything an adventure with this guy!

nashville brunch, barista parlor

DAY 21 CHALLENGE: Put your money where your ❤️ is. Every time we buy something we are making a vote with our ? take a look at your money journal ? What are you spending money on that’s in line with your values? ? I spent $32 on an amazing brunch with dear childhood friends.

money motivation

DAY 22 CHALLENGE: Motivate someone you love ? My money motivation is Laurie. She saved $1,200 during the #30DayMoneyCleanse and continues to put that savings towards investing and spending that she values ? Who is your money motivation?  Tell them! ? Here’s more from Laurie: “Today is the last day of my credit card cycle, and I’m thrilled to tell you that I reduced my average monthly spending by nearly $1,200!! Holy crap. And I mostly didn’t feel deprived. That’s one heck of a ROI, Ashley! I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner!”

penny the planner

DAY 23 CHALLENGE: Do another one of the customized tips from your Money Persona Quiz result ? Are you a Penny, the Planner? ?

A Bit About Penny: Penny has clear financial goals and understands the value of a budget. She loves executing a plan! If she doesn’t have a plan, it’s time to get one so that she can get to work on making her goals and dreams come true. She has a healthy relationship with money and tends to invest wisely, taking some risk in line with her investment personality. She may get too future oriented and have a tendency to miss out on experiencing life in the now.

money worries

DAY 24 CHALLENGE: Get in the conversation ? We often feel alone in our money concerns and worries but I have never met one person (that’s 0 people!) who don’t have a care in the world around money ? Share what’s going on in your money life with someone on your dream team ? They just might have something to share with you ?

baby mac

DAY 25 CHALLENGE: Amp up your money journal ? It’s time to add some feeling to it! What was your experience spending X, Y, and Z? How did you feel before and after? ? Add how you feel about each expense to your money journal ?? One of my biggest expenses is flights. I spent $218 to get to Nashville to visit a best friend and her new baby, Mac. I was so excited to book the flight, loved every second of our time together and felt it was so worth it ?? PS I promise I have plenty of entries where the expense wasn’t worth it!

cabin life

DAY 26 CHALLENGE: #Reframe Let go of “I can’t afford it” and “choose” to spend your money elsewhere ? There is so much power in the language we use around money. When we say we can’t afford something, we are in a mindset of scarcity and lack. When we choose to spend our money elsewhere, we get our power back ? What are you choosing to spend money on and what are you choosing not to spend money on? ? I choose not to eat out most nights of the week and choose to spend money on travel ✈️

mountain biking ocoee

DAY 27  CHALLENGE: Be fabulous and frugal! ?? Fabulously frugal means increasing the fab in your life while maintaining or decreasing the cost ?? Hint: these are typically win win win scenarios! ?? Plan one thing to do this weekend that’s fabulously frugal ?? My fam went mountain biking for a challenging workout, exploring and quality fam time!

aperol spritz

DAY 28 CHALLENGE: Schedule a money party ? A money party is a bi-weekly or monthly get-together with yourself (and maybe family) to tackle any of your financial / money-related to-dos, recap and track progress on your goals ? It’s a party so make sure it’s fun! ? I have my money parties curled up in PJs with a fun drink (my fave right now – aperol spritz!).

central park

DAY 29 CHALLENGE: Get your time back ? How would you spend your extra time if you didn’t have any money worries? ?Or how would the quality of your time increase? ?  I’d spend extra time in Central Park having picnics.

fruit, pomegranate, citrus,

DAY 30 CHALLENGE: Take action ? In our money lives (and lives in general) it’s easy to get into analysis paralysis. There’s tons of information out there so we research and try to get it perfect before getting started ? Action is where the results are! ? Share an action you are taking in your money journey with someone on your dream team.

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