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A Shocking Fact About Student Loan Forgiveness

February 20, 2018
student loans

For many of us, income-based repayment is a great option for our student loans. Instead of receiving a debilitatingly high bill each month, we are charged an amount based on what we earn, typically making payments much more manageable. Then, after 20-25 years of on-time payments, our loans are forgi...
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7 Fabulously Frugal Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 13, 2018

Fun fact. According to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, U.S. consumers are expected to spend an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day this year. How does it break down? $88.98 on partners, $25.29 on other family, $7.26 on children’s classmate...
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529 Plans – Everything You Need to Know

January 23, 2018
529 plans kids college

If paying for your child’s college education is one of your financial goals (and even if it’s not), you’ve probably heard you should start saving in a 529 plan. Here’s the lowdown on what a 529 plan is, the benefits, the potential downsides and generally, how much you want to be putting asid...
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Planning My Maternity Leave

January 16, 2018
entrepreneurs parental leave

There are many perks to starting a family as an entrepreneur. There’s the flexibility, no one to answer to except yourself and the passion you have for your work. You can create your life as you wish! But along with these fabulous perks come significant challenges. The responsibility to keep every...
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Our Fave Holiday Season Frugal Joys

December 19, 2017
holiday frugal joy

If the holidays have you stressed out about money, check out our holiday planning guide and set yourself up for a kick-a$$ 2018 with the 30 Day Money Cleanse. If you are looking for some incredibly festive free or inexpensive treats, here are our favorite holiday frugal joys. If you are new to the F...
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Create Your your Dream Team

December 12, 2017
accountability financial goals

Our financial goals often seem like they should be really simple and even easy to implement. Let go of some expenses, put more money towards paying off debt, contribute more to savings, etc.  Why are these new money habits so difficult?  Why do we have to make similar money resolutions every singl...
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Plan for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

November 28, 2017
holiday planning spending saving

Happy holidays! For many of us, they aren’t all happy. A 2015 Healthline survey found that 53 percent of gen Xers and millennials cite finances as their number one source of stress around the holidays. The funny part is that while there are many things we cannot plan for in life (and that’s why ...
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8 Questions Every Couple Needs to Ask Before Buying a House

October 10, 2017
home buying couples

Originally published on PureWow. Written by Rachel Bowie.   Buying a house is one of the most exciting milestones in a couple’s life. But it’s also unquestionably, one of the most stressful. Disclosing credit scores? Committing to mortgage payments? Paying for hidden electrical iss...
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Expert Tips for Choosing Fabulous Yet Frugal Wines

October 02, 2017
cheap wine guide

Selecting the best wine for the occasion can be a daunting task. And with so many varieties and price points, it’s no wonder it’s hard to make a decision. Drinking great wine is far more affordable than most people think. With the expertise of sommelier, author, and wine educator, Hillary Zio, w...
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A Millennial’s Guide to Spending (And Saving)

September 19, 2017
Millennials Spending Saving Retirement

Originally posted on Huffington Post. How Millennials Can Start Saving More for Retirement   The earlier we start, the easier it is to save up for financial freedom—aka retirement. Why? The eighth wonder of the world: compounding interest. While retirement may seem far off when we are young,...
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