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Expert Tips for Choosing Fabulous Yet Frugal Wines

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Selecting the best wine for the occasion can be a daunting task. And with so many varieties and price points, it’s no wonder it’s hard to make a decision. Drinking great wine is far more affordable than most people think. With the expertise of sommelier, author, and wine educator, Hillary Zio, we are excited to share The Fabulously Frugal Wine Guide with amazing tips and tricks for buying great wine on a budget.


Tip #1: Buy by the case, not the bottle.  Most retailers allow you to mix cases so you don’t need to purchase 12 of the same bottle.  Plus, buying in bulk means you’ll always have wine on hand for parties and dinner guests.  


Tip #2: Find great bargains when retailers are moving or trying to get rid of imperfect bottles.  Is the label torn a bit? Chances are you can snag a great discount on this bottle!  At the same stores, take advantage of regular discounts by scoping out sales.  


Tip #3: Buy wine directly from a winery.  Visiting a winery is a great way to discover new wines, and can also be a fabulously frugal activity to do with family, friends, or a partner. Buy your wine straight from the source while enjoying an inexpensive, romantic and educational adventure!


Tip #4: Join a wine club. Most wineries have wine clubs, and it’s more profitable for them (no middleman) and cheaper for you (the consumer.) It’s also fun to get a batch of hand-picked wines.


Tip #5: Take notes! Have you tried a wine that you couldn’t stand? Make a note so that you don’t make the same purchase again. Snag a great deal with a lesser-known wine? Make a note of that, too! It’ll be helpful when making wine purchases in the future.


Want more fabulously frugal wine tips? In the Fabulously Frugal Wine Guide, Hillary shares her wisdom and tips for:

  • Selecting high quality wines from lesser-known wine regions
  • Knowing what grapes and producers to look for
  • Asking the the right questions to get the right wine


Download the guide to start making more informed decisions about the wine that you buy and drink so you get to enjoy it more! Interested in learning more about wine from Hillary? Sign up for her monthly newsletter!

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