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Fab Frugal Fitness Series – Barreless Barre

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Barre Frugal Workout

Fab Frugal Fitness Series – Week #2 by Jessica Bailey


Boutique fitness classes are tons of fun but at sometimes up to $37 per class, the expense can really add up. With the beautiful summer weather, we can take advantage of some awesome workouts in the sunshine or even in the privacy of our own home.

We chatted with some fabulous fitness experts to give us the moves to make us sweat, look good and feel great while keeping our wallets full.

Every Thursday this summer, we’ll feature a free (or inexpensive) workout from a fitness guru.

This week’s workout is a Barreless Barre class by Jessica Bailey of
Sassy Girl Fitness NYC. Let us know what you think!



  • Warm up with high knee lifts for 1 minute
  • Go right into wall push-ups for 12x



Find a sturdy chair, a tree, a lamp post, etc. Start with your feet in a small v (about the size of an appropriate piece of pizza).


Barre Frugal Workout


  • Lift your heels about 2 inches (like you have kitten heels on). Lower down 4-6 inches and begin slowly pulsing (up only 1 inch, down 1 inch). Think down and hold. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Stay low and wrap knees (baby toe to middle toe) Keep the movement small. 30 seconds.
  • Full range of motion. Lower buttocks to heels without sticking out your backside and come up only 1/2 way. Repeat 8x. Stay at the 1/2 way point and tuck and release the pelvis 10x.
  • Repeat the pulse movement but slightly faster (with 1inch range of motion) This position is 2.5 minutes long.




Get in a wide second position. Feet are double hips width apart and turned out to 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Weight goes into the heels (like you are falling backwards). Abs pulled in and keep hips neutral. Back looks like it normally does when you walk around. Keep abs pulled in and up.


Barre Frugal Workout


  • Begin pulsing legs (down 1 inch up 1 inch) “down and hold” Pulse and lift right heel for 10x. Pulse and lift left heel for 10x.
  • Pulse and lower and lift both heels 10x. Lower heels and alternate heel raises while pulsing 20x. Lift both heels and hold while extending arms overhead for 20 seconds Position length 2.5 minutes.




Upright parallel legs. Start an arms length away from your support (chair, tree, etc). Imagine 2 legs are 1. Lift heels all the way up. As high as you can and push knees forward. Lower down 4-6 inches. This is your starting point.


Barre Frugal Workout


  • Lower down and hold (slowly down 1 inch up 1 inch) 16x Pulse faster 16x.
  • Tuck and release pelvis 16x.
  • Lower buttocks to heels (it’s ok not to go all the way down) 12x. Pulse 16x.
  • Finish with a 5 second hold Position can be 2-2.5 minutes.

Thighs are done!


STRETCH: Quadriceps

Barre Frugal Workout




  • Drop down for PUSH UPS. Full form or modify by placing knees on the floor. 15x
  • Move right into a forearm plank. Keep glutes tight, abs pulled in and up, shoulders down. Hold for 1 minute.
  • Come up back to hands in a push-up position and lift one leg and pulse the leg up 12x, switch legs and repeat. Keep your buttocks down.
  • Move back down to forearms. Plank with forward reaches. Keep hips still and in line with shoulders. Alternate taps slowly. 12x (each arm). 4-5 minutes.


Barre Frugal Workout




Barre Frugal Workout



STRETCH: Hip flexor

Get into a runner’s lunge facing your solid surface. Push into it with your back leg on the ground. This will stretch your hip flexor.

Barre Frugal Workout   Barre Frugal Workout


STRETCH: Hamstrings

Pull hips back to stretch the hamstring. Switch sides




Start by standing one arm’s distance away from fence or bench.


Barre Frugal Workout


  • Begin by lifting right leg to hip height Lower down 1 inch up 1 inch 16x Full range of motion 16X.
  • At the top do 8x small circles in one direction 8x circles in the other direction. Flex foot and bend and extend leg 16x. Bend leg in ½ with foot flexed and stamp the ceiling with your foot 16x.
  • Lower leg down all the way and lift up with leg bent in ½. Do 16x slow pulses (up and hold).


Barre Frugal Workout  Barre Frugal Workout

barre frugal workout


  • Finish set by lifting bottom heel up as far as it will go with a slight bend of the knee 16x.
  • Pushup 8x. Repeat on the other side.
  • 4-5 minutes total on each side.



  • Lay on back and lift legs straight up. Knees can be a bit bent. Crunches with legs straight up above hips 24x.
  • Lower head to ground and do reverse crunches (like you are hitting a bullseye with just your toes). 16x scissor legs. One leg lowers and lifts at a time 16x.
  • Repeat these 3 moves a total of 2 times. 2 minutes total for abs.


STRETCH: Cooldown

Hold each position for 30 seconds.


Barre Frugal Workout  Barre Frugal Workout

Barre Frugal Workout


  • Cross one leg in front of the other (do not stack feet) and lean forward. This will stretch your hips and lower back.
  • Stretch your hamstrings.
  • Silence.


Jessica has been an active member of the fitness community in NYC for 16 years. She has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, tone up and train for various athletic events. Jessica has taught at some of the most prestigious barre studios in NYC. Connect with Jessica on her website, Twitter and Instagram.

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