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Fab Frugal Fitness Series – Namaste Jenay Yoga

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Bridge Pose Budget Yoga



Let’s face it – we all know that yoga can be really expensive. We also know that yoga offers amazing benefits for our minds and bodies.  This week, we learn from an expert how to achieve the benefits of yoga without the huge expense.


We’ve teamed up with a variety of fitness experts to help us be our best selves this summer without breaking the bank. Sign up here to get the free (or inexpensive) featured workout every Thursday!


This week, manifest your best self with Namaste Jenay, a Yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. Namaste!



Week / Flow 1 – Cleaning up digestion


Pose 1 / 2: Twisted Chair Pose – Parivrrita Utkatasana – inhale arms up and sit back, bringing your hips to the back of the room, inhale hands to heart center and twice to one side. Elbow outside of knee. Ensure one knee does not jet out in front of the other, keep knees in line. Breath deeply, even inhales and exhales. Sit deeper, use the elbow to twist your body open, ringing out the spine and internal organs


Twisted Chair Pose Yoga on a Budget Twisted Chair Pose Yoga on a Budget


Second side


Twisted Chair Pose Yoga on a Budget Twisted Chair Pose Yoga on a Budget



Pose 3 / 4: Twisted Triangle Pose – Parivrtta Trikonasna

Come into Warrior 1 on the left side with a wide stance – feet are 2-3 feet apart to help balance. Back foot should be pointing towards front corner of mat. Square hips forward. Hands to sky, on exhale hinge forward from our hips keeping spine long. plant right hand on mat on inside of foot, or outside of foot whatever is comfortable. Open chest to the side of the room, right arm raises. Use right hand to twist from the core and spine, shoulders stay stacked. Hold and breath deeply for 1 minute.


Twisted Triangle Pose Yoga on a Budget Twisted Triangle Pose Yoga on a Budget



Week 2 – Healing the gut


Pose 1 / 2: Cat Cow  – Come onto the knees and wrists, make sure hips are over knees, and shoulders are directly over wrists creating lines of stability. Repeat each motion 10 times, flowing slowly and gently.


Cat pose –  exhale curling through the back. Round through the spine pealing the shoulder blades down the back, curling tailbone under


Cow pose – inhale, lifting the chest, look up, belly drops keeping abs engaged. Open the collar bone, pull the chest through the arms.


Cat – Marjaryasana


Cow – Bitilasana

Cow Pose Yoga on a Budget



Pose 3/ 4: Wind-Relieving Pose – Pawanmuktasana

Lie flat on the back, lengthen your left leg down pulling the right knee into the right armpit area. Breathe deeply and relax into the pose for at least 1 minute on each side.

Wind-Relieving Pose Yoga on a Budget Wind-Relieving Pose Yoga on a Budget


Week 3 – Repopulating


Pose 1 / 2:  Elbow to Knee pose

Come to hands and knees. Inhale your left arm straight out in front or you and your right foot back out behind you. Hold here for a breath. On the exhale, curl the left elbow to the right knee. Keep the spine straight, tailbone curls down, abs stay cinched in and engaged the entire time. Think about lifting through the back when curling the elbow to knee like in cat pose. Inhale and extend left arm and right leg out, repeat 5-10 times per side. Switch and do the other side – right arm and left leg. to warm and strengthen the core.



Repopulating Budget yoga Repopulating Budget yoga



Pose 3: Triangle Pose  – Ardha  Matsyendrasna

Sit with both legs out in front of you. Bring the left foot down outside your left knee. Bend the right knee into the body (if this doesn’t work for you, feel free to leave the right leg straight). Place the left hand down outside the sacrum; reach the right arm to the sky and twist, placing the right hand anywhere that’s comfortable. On each inhale, find length through the crown of the head, and on each exhale use the right arm to twist deeper. Play with the inhale lifting and exhale twisting motion for 5-10 breaths and switch sides.


Triangle Pose Budget Yoga



Pose 4: Bridge Pose – Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Come to lay on your back, arms by your side, knees bent. Palms and soles of the feet are firmly planted on the ground. On an inhale, reach your hips to the sky. Belly is cinching in, while shoulders and neck remain relaxed. Reaching the hips high and the chest to the chin. The insides of your feet are grounded down, to keep the knees from splaying out. Hold here for 5-10 long, smooth breaths. Repeat 3 times.


Bridge Pose Budget Yoga


Jenay Rose, aka @namastejenay is a yoga teacher and wellness influencer based in Los Angeles, CA. She uses her social platform to make meditation, mindfulness, and a holistic lifestyle more approachable to all. She is currently obtaining her 500hr level certification from YogaWorks. Connect with Jenay on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and on YouTube.


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