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Fabulously Frugal Summer Date Ideas

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What makes a date fabulously frugal? It feeling so fabulous you wouldn’t even know it’s frugal. My hubby and I love to have weekly date nights so we are always brainstorming new and fun things to do. Here are some fun date night ideas that are absolutely fabulous (at least we think so) but won’t require any additional maneuvering of your budget:


Parks and beaches.

Public parks and beaches are the perfect places to hit in the spring and summer months. They could be as fun or romantic as you want — make your own picnic supplies, bring a frisbee to toss around, or just relax and spend some time together. “Long walks on the beach” aren’t popular for nothing!



Many museums are free or only cost a small fee. You can spend time with your significant other — and feel smart about it, too. In the summer, museums can be a cheap way to retreat from the outside heat and look at cool history or art you’ve never seen before. You’ll probably learn more about the world and your partner.


Comedy or theater shows.

Look for community theaters in your area; oftentimes, they don’t charge that much for tickets. In big cities like New York, there are a myriad of clubs that offer free shows some nights, too! You may end up seeing the next great comedian, or see a play that you’ll be talking about for years.


Community classes.

Just like community theaters offer shows as a discounted price, some community colleges and centers offer classes for a low cost — that range from academic to artistic to just fun. If there’s none in the area that you like, you can look for an app like Duolingo, a language learning platform, to use together.


Library books.

Start your own book club and check out the same book at the library. Some major libraries even offer e-books to check out, so you won’t have to go to the physical location. You can catch up on your reading and share your thoughts with your loved one.


Farmer’s markets.

Another fun outdoor activity is strolling through farmer’s and thrift markets. It can be as cheap as you want it to be — just peruse the shops or buy an item you both love. This is also a great chance to hang out during lazy weekend mornings.



Bars and restaurants over cheap trivia nights over topics like television and sports. They’re a fun way to bond over a shared passion and maybe even win a prize! You can also gather friends and make your own trivia night at home


Potluck, or cook a meal together.

Skip a fancy restaurant and opt to make dinner an event at home. Like with trivia, you can bring friends together to cook a dish for the whole group. Or, keep it just the two of you and learn how to make your favorite dish.


Movie night.

Of course, the classic Netflix and chill. It’s so well-known because it’s the perfect option for a no-cost night: just a blanket, some popcorn, and a great movie. If you want to get out of the house, there’s always the local movie theater — just sneak in your own snacks! Look for matinees and discounted theaters as well.


We’d love your ideas, too — share them below or email with ideas.

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