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Our Fave Holiday Season Frugal Joys

holiday frugal joy

If the holidays have you stressed out about money, check out our holiday planning guide and set yourself up for a kick-a$$ 2018 with the 30 Day Money Cleanse. If you are looking for some incredibly festive free or inexpensive treats, here are our favorite holiday frugal joys. If you are new to the Fiscal Femme, frugal joys are free or inexpensive things that make you really happy :). Test out our faves and share yours in the comments below.


Hot cocoa tasting. Warm up with a cup of your favorite hot cocoa. If you aren’t sure what your favorite is, try a few or create a blind hot cocoa tasting with friends.  Each person brings their fave, and guests sip and rate. I want to hear about favorites!


Ice skating. Get your ice legs back at a free (or inexpensive) ice rink. You’ll get some exercise and if you’re anywhere near as graceful of a skater as me, probably also some laughs…


White elephant gift exchanging (with a price cap!). Instead of getting everyone a gift, you can have a white elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a gift within a certain price limit. Follow the official rules or make your own!


Volunteering. There’s nothing more abundant than giving time and/or money to those who will benefit. Spend a night or weekend helping out others and you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.


Holiday soiree hosting. Host a fabulous yet frugal holiday soiree. Have everyone wear their favorite holiday sweater, bring a festive dish or cocktail, put on the holiday music and you’ve got an evening!


Fave holiday movie marathoning. There are so many amazing holiday movies. Curl up with that fave hot cocoa (two-for-one frugal joy!), get cozy and watch some of the classic holiday movies (or re-watch your favorites).


Festive decorations sighting. Admire the beautiful festive decorations in your area whether it’s a drive through a certain neighborhood or some holiday window-shopping.


New Year’s dreaming. One of my favorite holiday frugal joys is reflecting on the past year and dreaming about the next. What are you grateful for? What are your favorite memories? What will you make happen in 2018?


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  1. I’m grateful for my family most of all! That we are mostly healthy minus a bout with the flu. As my Pappaw always said, “I’m above ground & it can always be worse!” I try to always remember that. It’s so true.
    My favorite memories aren’t so much the gifts as the fun we had together or the trouble we almost got into trying to see our presents when our parents weren’t looking. Lol. My favorite memory this year was actually on New Year’s Eve. My oldest is 20 & still living at home while going to college. But she will transfer to a senior college in August of this year. Thankfully the college is only an hour & 15 minutes from our home but she’s never been away from home for more than a week at one time & that was either with her grandparents or once last year on a college funded trip to California thru a business club she was in for competitions. Since she’s gonna be the first to leave the nest I’m having a hard time with it because I know once it starts eventually they will all be gone & we won’t ever be living under the same roof again with all 7 of us. All I ever dreamed of was finding my soul mate & having a big family. I was having so much fun that time flew by. By the time I looked up my oldest turned 20 Nov. 26th & will soon go off to live in a dorm at a senior college. Time went so slowly it seemed like when I was younger that I just thought 40 would never get here. Now I don’t know how it passed by so fast. I wish I could keep my kids little forever. But as we sat in the living room around the tv it was just me & my 9yr old twins watching the Dick Van Dyke New Years Eve special that leads up to the ball dropping in New York. But slowly one by one I realized all my kids were in the living room watching the tv together. With 3 teenagers most days it seems like they argue more than anything or stay closed up in their rooms either playing video games or on their phones. So this was a rare site! We watched the special, laughed, started telling old stories about the kids & funny things they had done over the years, & just enjoyed each other’s company. We had said after the ball dropped we were all gonna go to sleep because we were all tired. But we kept talking & watching the special & enough time went by we decided to watch the count down in the central time zone which is where we live. And we still sat there for about 30 minutes passed midnight before my 14yr old son declared he couldn’t hold his eyes open anymore & went to bed. But before he left the room I was able to tell them all that they had made my New Year’s Eve the best one I’ve ever had. The last few weren’t even decent so I was extra thankful for those few hours with them where no one argued & we just laughed & had a good time. I know it might be our last New Year’s Eve together just the 7 of us. I’m sure when my oldest goes off to college she will probably have a party of some sorts to go to for New Year’s Eve. She also has a boyfriend of 3yrs but since she was still recovering from the flu decided to stay home & make sure not to pass it on to his family or him. My 17yr had plans but some of her friends had a falling out & their party got canceled. Thank you Jesus! My 14yr old is the biggest home body so his cousin was the only one that invited him over but he just wanted to stay home. The twins were invited to Callie’s boyfriends house to hang out with him, his little brother, & their parents which are good friends of ours because otherwise my twins wouldn’t be going out. lol. Or on a date. But Callie still had fever from the flu so that was a no. Her brother Camden was mad at first but got over it quickly. So for once & it neve happens like that it worked out in my favor which made the best New Year’s Eve ever!
    No resolutions! But I’d like to try in 2018 to eat & be healthy! The hubby & myself have let ourselves go with running to all the kids extra curricular activities. Our diet has become tragic & our waistlines nonexistent. The kids have managed not to put on much weight but it’s harder on us over 40. Lol. I want to exercise regularly also. With a big family it’s expensive to eat healthy! Plus cooking isn’t my fav thing to do. I’d rather be outside. But I want to cook more like I did when the kids were younger. I want to maybe try to plant a garden & if I don’t kill it all learn to can & freeze home grown fresh fruits & veggies for the year. I want to learn to cook more from scratch, the easy stuff lol, to cut the grocery bill down. I want to get my weight back down to more my normal so I will feel better & not be so self conscious. I have lupus & RA so that’s a part of the reason I’ve let myself go. I’m going to try to keep the stress levels down & stay positive regardless of what’s going on around me. I want to teach my kids to grow their own food & how to store it too. We might get chickens this year. That’s a goal either for this year or next depending on how the gardening goes. I tend to get a little overly excited & plan way more than I can manage. Lol. But I’m also going to learn my limits & try not to over do it his year which makes me sick. I want to be more of a positive role model for my kids. Mostly I want to be the best mother I can be for my kids & the best wife I can for my husband. I take pride in those things & it makes me feel good about myself. I want to spend more time with my mother, my 95yr old grams who’s in great health, my husbands Mamaw, and just family in general. I want to get out of debt. I want to learn to be a minimalist. I want to learn to stick to a budget & save money. I want to teach my kids the money program for successful kids by Dave Ramsey. I want to be a better person. And last but not least I want to have fun!!! I’ve always said life is too short to take too seriously! And if your not having fun it’s not worth doing!
    I’m interested to see what others say. I may have to add some to my list if they have some good ones.

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