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Dearest YOU (yes, you!),

I started my company because I knew absolutely nothing about money and personal finance. I saw my bank account balance depleting and I knew I had to do something about it. You might be thinking, “how could a finance major in a finance job know nothing about personal finance?” It’s just not something I ever learned!

I declared a money emergency and proceeded to read 20 personal finance books. I decided to write about my money journey because what I experienced was truly life-changing and liberating. I wanted to share what I discovered with others. I was petrified to put myself out there but I did it anyway. This was bigger than me and my fears – I wanted to help!

People reached out to me with questions and websites like GoGirl Finance asked me to write for them. My company was born. Fast forward a few years and I’m a money guru!

Why am I sharing this?

I’m not special, genius or even good at math. Just a few years ago I was clueless, scared and let’s face it, a financial mess. Given the right tools, knowledge and mindset my life as I know it was completely transformed.

If I can do it, so can you! And I’m not just talking about part of it. You can have all of it! You can take complete control of your money and live in a truly powerful way.

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Get my 7-day jumpstart
to become a fiscal femme