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Let’s celebrate our frugal joys!

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Frugal joy campaign

While I am so excited about spring, the return of the warm weather can be pretty tough on our wallets. We travel more, go out more, celebrate more and generally spend a whole lot more. You may be trying to balance all that fun with some important savings goals, paying down loans or just be trying to live within your means. Whatever you are after, incorporating frugal joys into your life is the answer.

A frugal joy is something that is free or inexpensive that makes you really happy.

Frugal Joy Campaign

One of my favorite frugal joys (when the weather is nice) is hanging out in the park with friends (bonus if we bring a bottle of bubbly). It’s free, quality time with friends in the sunshine. What are some others? I love exploring the city on a gorgeous day, reading a book outside, enjoying a great cup of coffee, sleeping in an extra hour and the list goes on and on.

What are your frugal joys?

The fun part is that each of our frugal joys will be different but we can get ideas from one another.

Not sold yet? Another great thing about frugal joys is that you can incorporate as many of them as you want into your life! While you might put a limit on the amount of meals you eat out or the amount of shopping you do, the only limit on your frugal joys is time. You can fill your day with them without breaking the bank or interfering with your money goals.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having more expensive joys as well. Frugal joys are just a great tool to bring extra joy to your life without the extra cost. They can also be a great replacement for more expensive joys when you are looking to save.

This spring and summer, I want to celebrate free or inexpensive things that make you really happy. Post your photos and videos with the tag #frugaljoy to join the party! Not only will your ideas help make others happy, they will also turn your focus to all the frugal joys in your life. 🙂

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