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My New Favorite Word: Impact

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my new favorite word - impact

My word for the year 2016 is impact.

I want to maximize the impact of my work, impact per dollar spent, impact of my workouts and the list goes on and on. You know the old adage “quality over quantity.” I don’t need 10 pairs of pants, I’m very happy with having a couple that I absolutely love wearing. I don’t need to workout everyday, I prefer to go two or three times a week and give it my all. This theme of impact can really be applied to every area of our lives.

When we focus on impact, time and money no longer limit us. Yes, that’s a big deal!

Think of any goal you have. When you increase your impact, you need less time and money to achieve the same result. Let’s say you want to save more in 2016 so that you can start to invest, buy a home, pay down your debt or [insert reason here].

How do we figure out a way for you to get just as much joy from this new level of spending? We start by maximizing your happiness per dollar. There are many many ways to do that. Let’s start with frugal joys. A frugal joy is something that makes us really happy that is free or very inexpensive. Lots of joy for a low cost = high impact.

What about those things that are really expensive that bring you very little joy? Those can be the first to go. When you eliminate those expense items, you get a huge money savings with only a small decrease in happiness. You can reinvest some of those dollars into items like frugal joys and boom… more happiness for less cost. See where I’m going with this?

Many times we get trapped in the quantity mindset. I want more time. I need more clothes. I have to get to the gym more often. It can feel like it will never be enough. When we switch the focus to quality or impact, a new world opens up.

What do you want most? Where in your life can you up the quality and decrease the quantity? How can you use your time and money to create the most impact?

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