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The 30 Day Cleanse is an online course that will teach you to take control of your finances, manage and monitor spending, and destress your relationship with money. If you’re sick of living paycheck-to-paycheck, in debt, or need to start planning for the future, I can help. We will create a customized plan that works with your lifestyle, doesn’t feel restricting, and puts you on track to reach your saving goals. And guess what? It’s not going to be hard. I’m here to make the process clear, simple, and easy.

The average savings? $950 over the course of the month.


• Reduces stress and purchasing guilt
• Maps out your finances
• Breaks bad money habits
• Improves your financial literacy
• Creates a personalized plan for your future


• 5 video classes to form new money habits
• A class community for accountability, encouragement, and idea-sharing
• Live, online Q&As with the class
• Workbooks for practice, cash raffles for incentive
• Unlimited email support


WEEK 1: We cleanse. You learn how to detox from your current money habits by cutting out frivolous spending for seven days. You learn why a detox is important, and you’ll see the benefits immediately.

WEEK 2: We observe. You will learn to challenge and overcome setbacks. We will strengthen your new money habits and draw connections between your positive financial health and your physical and mental well-being.

WEEK 3: We supplement. You’ll add items back into your spending that support your values, and you’ll see which extras are important and appreciated in your life.

WEEK 4: We solidify. You will learn to recognize environmental toxins that affect your financial health, and you’ll learn to maintain your new money habits in the midst of toxic relationships or environments.

WRAP UP: We finish. I’ll provide tools and tips for streamlining financial health and success in the future to continue your new money mindset after the program ends.

30 days for $550. That’s less than $19/day for 30 days.

This program is fully refundable if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. 

Get my 7-day jumpstart
to become a fiscal femme