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Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring Clean Your Life, fruit on desk

Over the last 7 days we hosted a #SpringCleanYourLife Challenge where experts shared effective, tangible and fun steps to help us spring clean important areas of our lives. Our amazing experts covered everything from spring cleaning your career to spring cleaning your space to spring cleaning your diet. If you missed the challenge, do not fret! You can still complete the daily challenge here or twitter, instagramand / or facebook.


Day 1: Spring Clean Your Career.

The team of career experts at @careercontessa recommends holding a quarterly organization day. The whole team huddles around a table with a bunch of donuts and occasionally mimosas to discuss their processes. What’s working and what isn’t? Then they come up with ways to tweak and optimize. It’s a bit like shaking out the metaphorical cobwebs. I feel more organized already! 🍩🥂📘💻

Today’s challenge: Plan a quarterly career organization day for this spring. What will go on the agenda?


spring clean your life

Day 2: Spring Clean Your Nutrition.

Personal chef and nutrition expert, Andrea Wien @dreeats shares her always and forever biggest tip – cut sugar. It will radically improve your sleep, spruce up your skin and put a pep in your step. Not to mention, you’ll be shocked how much sweeter other things will taste and you won’t be wasting money 💰 on all of those empty calories! 🍑🥑🥒

Today’s challenge: Pass on the sugar. How did it change your day?


spring clean your life


Day 3: Spring Clean Your Fitness.

Fitness guru, Lauren Chiarello @chichilifenyc loves taking her clients outside of the gym to the beautiful outdoors. With very little or no equipment at all, you can experience a great workout while taking in the beautiful views of Central Park. She also recommends breathing exercises for stress reduction. A great workout and less stress? How fabulously frugal! 💪🏽🌳🏃🏽‍♀️🔥

Today’s Challenge: Plan a fun workout outside! Or join Lauren for a Central Park workout this eve! You can sign up here:


spring clean your life

Day 4: Spring Clean Your Mind.

Mindfulness expert, best-selling author and speaker, @emilybennington recommends releasing our grip on our goals in order to stay in the present moment. She says, “when your ability to feel successful is wrapped in goals, you inevitably spend the bulk of your time trying to be somewhere other than where you are right now.” Ironically, this can keep us from getting what we want! 🌟☁️😌

Today’s Challenge: Let go of the outcome of whatever task you are engaged in right now. How does it change what you’re doing or experiencing in the present? For more from Emily, check out her amazing new book 💫here:


spring clean your life

Day 5: Spring Clean Your Style.

Handbag designer and founder of @laurencecchi is all about florals 🌺 and pops of color for spring. She says “it adds the perfect pop after a bland winter wardrobe.” She also recommends donating items that you haven’t worn in over a year. Yes, even those items that we aspire to fit into! Someone else can enjoy them this spring. 👚👙On the decor front, interior designer and founder of @hyphenandco, @shell_sparks is also all about the florals 🌸 and greenery 🌿She recommends bringing in plants to liven and refresh your space for the spring 🌼🌱☀️

Today’s Challenge: Add a pop of color 🎨 to your outfit or home and make a plan to donate any items you haven’t used in a year.


spring clean your life

Day 6, Part #1: Spring Clean Your Digital Space.

Fab writer and editor @_kitwarchol combats her digital hoarding ways with a quarterly cleanout. She says, “I force myself to clean out my computer 🖥 files and organize everything, Marie Kondo style. As in, I actually sit down and focus on it—no coffee ☕️ or texting 📱breaks allowed—and do it until I’m done. I delete old downloads, organize my desktop, dump the trash, and clear out my inboxes. After that, I head for my phone and delete all the apps I haven’t used in ages and get rid of any podcasts I’m done listening to.” Talk about a fresh start! 🗂💻🤓

Today’s Challenge Part Part #1: Host your own digital cleanout and while you’re at it, mark your calendar for next quarter! 📸cred: @songofstyle @careercontessa


spring clean your life

Day 6, Part #2: Spring Clean Your Space. 

Professional organizer @apartmentjeanie says we should start with one of the most overlooked rooms in our homes – the bathroom. She recommends cleaning out the medicine cabinet, wiping down the shelves, putting unruly samples into containers and donating any unused products to women shelters. Having a tidy bathroom can be a quick way to start us on a spring cleaning snowball! ☔️🏡🗑

Today’s Challenge Part #2: Start your spring cleaning snowball with a small space in your home.


spring clean your life


Day 7: Spring Clean Your Finances.

Why do we make things more difficult than they need to be? For many many reasons… but this spring we can take advantage of some financial spring cleaning to minimize our accounts and systems 🌱 Rollover any old 401(k)s and consolidate checking, saving and brokerage accounts. Believe me… I’m guilty of this too, but minimizing what we need to check in on saves us so much time and headache 🤕 Think of all the passwords you won’t have to reset! 💸🌻🖥

Today’s Challenge: Make a financial spring cleaning checklist to simplify your finances and make your life as easy as possible!


spring clean your life

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