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The Fabulously Frugal Challenge

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Fabulously frugal, save more, budgeting

Saving money doesn’t mean sitting at home alone peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I believe we can live amazing lives now while also saving for the long-term.

It’s all about maximizing each dollar we spend so that we can enjoy life and achieve all of our goals and dreams. One of my favorite ways to do this is by being fabulously frugal. Being fabulously frugal is about increasing the fabulous in our life while decreasing the cost.

Frugality means caring about value.

Being frugal is about making choices to maximize the value, enjoyment and happiness you get for your money.

Take on the challenge of being fabulously frugal this month.

Look for ways to save money while living more fabulously in each area of your life. For some areas of your life, this will seem really easy. For others, it might take some creativity. Brainstorm with friends, check out my ideas below and look for inspiration all around you.

You will  know when you’ve come up with something good because it will feel like a win-win.

You save money but regardless, would actually prefer this way of doing things even if money weren’t part of the equation. This is really personal and will be different for everyone. Don’t forget to take a look at your savings on an annual basis. A $5 savings per day might not feel like it will having a big impact but when you look at that annually, that’s $1,825 you’ve freed up to use elsewhere or save.

Here are some ideas for being fabulously frugal. I’d love to hear what you find. Send me an email at or comment below with your fab frugal ideas!

FITNESS: I’m a huge fan of ClassPass. You get to go to amazing studios for a flat rate. I hate the idea of my fitness bill increasing the more I work out. They also have an easy booking system so you can book whatever studios you want, wherever you want. As a bonus, when weather permits, I run to class for some extra cardio and save on the subway swipe to and from the studio. I also love to get workout outside. Justin, Simi and I ran through Central Park over the weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

BEAUTY: There are so many ways to decrease the price of your beauty bill while increasing the fabulousness. One of which is to go to a hair stylist in training at a fancy salon. You get the same level of service as if you were a full paying customer for a lot less. One caveat: It does sometimes take a bit more time because your cut/color will be checked over by an experienced stylist. I also love Lifebooker for easy booking and great deals on beauty appointments. I would use this service even if it didn’t have great deals because it makes booking appointments so easy. You can book by time and neighborhood for extra convenience.

TRAVEL: I learned a lot about being a fabulously frugal traveler when Justin and I traveled for our honeymoon this summer. Sometimes we were fabulously frugal and other times it was more of a learning experience but I share my best tips in 10 Ways to Save Big While Traveling.

FASHION: I have found that planning is the best way to be fabulously frugal when it comes to shopping. When you know what you want, you can wait for the sample sale or for the item to go on sale. When you are in a rush, you are at the mercy of the store and whatever they are offering. I watch the sales in my area via

FOOD: I love cooking healthy, easy, delicious and cheap recipes with ingredients! I shop each week at the farmers’ market for high quality, fresh and  low-cost ingredients. If you have some favorites, please send them my way. I also love having friends over for dinner.  You can cook or host a potluck and have everyone bring a dish. You can even get creative with fun dinner party themes. Make creative cocktails or open a bottle of wine. It’s way cheaper, even if you are drinking nicer stuff! I also love making infused water which tastes amazing, keeps me hydrated and costs very little. Here are 8 delicious infused water recipes from

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