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The Magic Money Shift

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the magic money shift

When I work with people, I get to witness a very magical and transformative shift occur in their money lives.

Clients reach out for all different reasons but what they all have in common is that money stresses them out. Maybe they aren’t sure how much they should be spending or saving, they feel guilty they haven’t taken the actions they should, they feel ashamed by what debt they have or are worried about the future. Money doesn’t bring joy to their lives, it detracts from it.

Like with anything, to experience this money shift, you have to take action and get started. Reaching out for a meeting might not sound like much compared with all you have to do to accomplish your money goals but it takes a huge amount of courage to sit down and face your money. While it might not feel comfortable, the rewards are huge and I’d bet 100% of the people I’ve worked with will say it’s worth it.

We lay it all on the table and there is a huge weight that’s lifted just by knowing what is happening with your money and what’s not happening. More often than not, it’s not as bad as what you’ve imagined.

So what about this magical shift? What I don’t think we realize is that paying attention to our money and creating a plan to give ourselves what we actually want is a tremendous act of self love. We are taking care of ourselves in a way that we never have.

It might be after our first meeting, the second meeting or even the third but something shifts and the transformation is palpable. My client comes in calm and full of joy. She’s beaming!

She reports that she no longer reaches for the impulse buy that she doesn’t need or want and all of a sudden enjoys cooking herself a nutritious dinner rather than going out. She walks instead of taking a cab or notices that when she does indulge in past habits, they don’t even bring her joy.

There is no need for the quick fix purchase and the cycle of guilty spending subsides because she gets what it means to truly love herself.

No more bandaids. We heal our relationship with money and give ourselves the ultimate gift – financial freedom. You are now set up to live the life you want, how you want it.

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