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How I Change My Clients’ Money Reality

We all have our own “reality” when it comes to our money life and life in general. Is money always hard to come by? Maybe it comes easy but slips away way too fast. Maybe you hate anything having to do with money. Many of us have money realities that are far from ideal or even pleasant. What would you say your money reality is? 

One of the best parts of being a money coach is that I get the opportunity to completely transform your money reality to something amazing. People who couldn’t save a penny, start saving hundreds of dollars a month and others who got stressed out just thinking about money now track and measure their progress with joy and pride. The results of changing your reality with money are really long-lasting and life-changing! Can you tell that it gets me excited?

So how do I do it? It’s honestly very straight forward. I simply help you see money in a different way by re-framing many of your current beliefs. Imagine a horse with blinders on. They can only see what’s immediately ahead. That’s your current reality with money. It’s a small piece of the picture and it seems as if there is nothing else. Once the blinders are removed, voila! You are opened up to a whole new world of possibility, perspective and prosperity! And that’s where things really get fun!


Feedback from an incredible Money Cleanse participant :)

Need to do some last minute shopping? I have ideas!

With Chanukah in full-swing and Christmas just a few days away, many of us are in gift giving over-drive. If you are out of ideas or out of cash, here are some fun gift ideas that pack a lot of meaning and love!

Give an act of kindness

An act of kindness is one of the most thoughtful and generous gifts out there. These days everyone is running around super busy so taking the time to come up with a thoughtful gift and then executing on it is really special and personal. Maybe you help a friend with a move, take your mother shopping or cook a wonderful dinner for your significant other. You know your loved ones – pick an act of kindness that they would absolutely love or really need!

Give an experience

Many of us have more than enough stuff and again, we really want to be spending more quality time with those we love. The gift of an experience is fun for both you and the gift receiver and you get to spend wonderful time together doing something really fun. Memories from great experiences last a lifetime and you can tailor the experience to them and choose their favorites!

Give the gift of knowledge

I love buying or receiving a good book! For Chanukah this year, my sister bought me a book on beauty – maybe she’s hinting at something… But in all seriousness, reading a book can transform us and take us to a different place. Reading a good book is an experience in itself. Looking for ideas? Check out some of my favorites.

Give the gift of financial wellness

Come January we all need a little more financial wellness in our lives. We might be prioritizing our financial well-being in the New Year, feeling completely out of control after the holiday season or a little bit of both! The gift of financial wellness is an experience, an act of kindness and a gift that keeps on giving. The benefits of living in a financially powerful way will stay with you for the rest of your life! Because of this, I’m offering 20% to those who buy my 30 Day Money Cleanse as a gift. In addition, if you buy the Money Cleanse as a gift, you will also receive 20% off your own Money Cleanse. Why not sign up together?!

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Meet Meghan Fitzgerald – Your Health Coach Extraordinaire

I’d like to introduce you to another fabulous coach and friend, Meghan Fitzgerald, founder of the You-Foria Experience. She will also be a part of the incredible workshop series we have coming up in January and will be your resource for everything health and fitness!

What’s your #1 ‘Frugal Joy?’
My #1 frugal joy is fitness/exercising – especially lifting weights! (insert muscle emoji here ;)

What’s your #1 ‘Money Motto?’
Not sure I have a money motto, but Lord knows I could use one!! I’d say the closest thing would be whenever I feel I don’t have enough I think about what I already do have and have already achieved. I’m grateful for the abundance already surrounding me.

What’s the best money advice you ever received?
Money is tied to self worth. Trust your own power and value.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?
I’ll be drinking wine and laughing with my besties!!!

What are you most excited about right now?
I’m excited about catching up with family/friends for the holidays and working on DIY gifts!

How can people connect with you?
On my website or Facebook.

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Want more? Check out our workshop, Snag Your Dream Job… and be happy, healthy & financially savvy in the process at Wix Lounge on January 22nd. Or for the entrepreneurs out there… we’ll be at In Good Company for a workshop on how to Manifest the Entrepreneurial Life You’ve Always Wanted.

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My New Obsession…Money – Master the Game

I’m always looking for a great life-changing book and when I found out one of the masters of transformation, Tony Robbins, came out with a book about money, Money, Master the Game, I squealed and immediately ordered it off of Amazon. I’m only 100 pages in but wanted to share some of the incredible facts and insights I’ve gathered so far.

Get cracking on your retirement savings! “According to the EBRI, the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 48% of all working Americans haven’t even calculated how much money they’ll need to retire.”  Here is some information that can help you get started!

Taxes hurt! Here’s some simple math… If you double $1 each year for 20 years, you will have $1,048,576 . Wow! Now let’s say that number is tax-free and now we will do the same with taxes. If we assume you pay a 33% tax on your earnings each year, guess what that $1 million plus turns into? $28,000! What?! Tony does it again!

Invest in index funds! 96% of actively managed mutual funds fail to beat the market over any sustained period of time. “In his famous 2014 letter to his shareholders, [Warren Buffet] explained that when he passes away, the money in a trust for his wife should be invested only in indexes so that she minimizes her cost and maximizes her upside.” 

Tony Robbin_Master the Money Game_Money Coach_Book Club_12.13.14


How She Spent $0 in NYC for One Month… what?!

On November 1st Arianna O’dell embarked on a month of $0 spending (other than her rent) in New York City – No Spend November. Intrigued? Even more, she donated everything she saved over the month!  I absolutely loved her daily updates on how she did it and can’t get enough of her creativity and determination to achieve something like this. Some of days aren’t even too shabby!

One of her money saving tips… Unsubscribe from all promotional emails. - YES! These email updates bring up things that you didn’t even realize you wanted (errr… and now needed!)

She also put together a list of 27 Delightfully Free Things to Do in NYC – thank you Arianna!

For more, stay tuned for my interview with Arianna coming later this month. She makes a 30 Day Money Cleanse look like a piece of cake!

Happy first night of Chanukah! :)

No Spend November_AriannaOdell_12.13.14

How to Use the ‘Pain of Paying’ to Our Advantage

A friend sent over this great video with Professor Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavior economics on the ‘Pain of Paying‘ and the psychology of money. He walks us through some specific examples on how we can make paying for things more or less painful. Why might you want to make your spending more painful? If you are spending more than you want, need help sticking to a budget or have become really unaware of where you money is going, some pain might be helpful!

Here are some of the examples from Professor Ariely…

The restaurant

Let’s say an entree at a restaurant costs $25 and diners typically take 50 bites. The owner knows this and gives you a deal – he will only charge you $0.50 per bite. Would you take it? Technically, this would be more financially efficient than paying for the entire entree. You may not eat the whole thing or might take bigger bites than the average person. As far as enjoyment goes, paying the $25 is the best option. Professor Ariely did a similar experiment with one of his Ph.D. lectures and said students were taking uncomfortably large bites and didn’t enjoy the meal at all! You become painfully conscious of money spent with each bite.

Cruise to Alaska

You are taking a cruise to Alaska and you have two choices – you can pay for the cruise three months in advance or pay the moment you get off of the boat. Technically, the longer you hold on to your money, the more time you have to earn interest, and the most financially efficient BUT you probably will have less fun on the cruise, especially towards the end, knowing you will be spending a lot of money right after!

So what exactly increases our ‘pain of paying?’
- Using cash (or even using a debit card vs. credit card)
- Receiving automatic notifications when you spend money (similar to a money journal!)
- Increased salience (or spending that leaps out to you) like at a gas station when there is a meter running

And what decreases our ‘pain of paying?’
- Using credit cards
- Keeping payments hidden
- Prepaying for things (like the Alaskan cruise)

With the holidays approaching, we can also use the ‘pain of paying’ to our advantage buy an amazing gift! When we buy someone a gift, we remove the ‘pain of paying’ from them. How nice! Ideal gifts are things they want but feel too guilty to buy. For example, “I want this but I can’t imagine paying this amount of money for a X.” Perfect gift!

The Pain of Paying_Dan Ariely_Psychology of Money_12.13.14

Meet Jill Ozovek – She’ll Help You Snag Your Dream Job

I am very excited about a series of workshops coming up in January that I’m doing with a group of incredible coaches. Jill Ozovek is the mastermind behind it all and lucky for you, she is also a very talented career coach! I sat down with Jill to catch up on all the wonderful things she has in the works and to be able to share what this amazing woman is really all about.

What’s your #1 ‘Frugal Joy?’
I love love love going to the park with a picnic of whatever I’ve got at home. Or a Potluck Picnic and invite a bunch of friends and share food.

What’s your favorite ‘Money Motto?’
If I’m shopping and I know I want something, or more appropriately, THINK I want something, I walk away. I leave and if I’m still thinking about the item 48 hours later, I’ll return and get it, if it fits my budget. This has saved me tons of money from impulse buys!

What’s the best money advice you ever received?
Invest and put some money aside for the future. It doesn’t matter how big or small- just start somewhere. I started as a teenager with $25 a month in an investment account. I thank my mom and dad for that sound advice.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?
Ooooh this is a tough one. I love to do so many things! Either entertaining in my home or at a local establishment in Astoria, Queens where I live with some friends.

What are you most excited about right now?
I’m MOST excited about my new Career Chat N Chew Supper Club, launching in February in NYC. I love trying new cuisines, learning about new cultures and of course, talking about careers, so I thought, Why not infuse all of the above? We’ll be meeting once a quarter for now and the topics will change each time. We’ll dig into some career stuff, and then learn about new international cuisines and learn some recipes you can make at home as well! It’s a great way to troubleshoot some career sticking points with a certified coach and a group of your peers. Can’t wait to launch.

How can people connect with you?
I can be reached at www.jillozovek.comjill@jillozovek.com, and links to social media and a complimentary consult for any of your career sticking points here: Twitter//Facebook//LinkedIn

Jill O

Want more? Check out our workshop, Snag Your Dream Job… and be happy, healthy & financially savvy in the process at Wix Lounge on January 22nd. Or for the entrepreneurs out there… we’ll be at In Good Company for a workshop on how to Manifest the Entrepreneurial Life You’ve Always Wanted.

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Save the Date: Love Your Job & Knowing Your Worth Happy Hour January 15th

Our careers and our finances go hand in hand. I’m constantly working with clients on how to find fulfilling career lives while still being able to afford their lifestyle. Getting paid to do what we love is something that we all strive for. It’s really the dream! This is why I’m so so excited to be partnering up with Suzanne Grossman , founder of Love Your Job for a happy hour event on January 15th. If you are looking to live the dream and want to love your job and get paid for it, you should definitely stop by. There will be some great raffles, exclusive opportunities to work with Suzanne and I and an amazing group of people you will want to meet. Stay tuned for the link to sign up and more details.

If you missed my interview with Suzanne on how to find a job you love, you can read it here!

LYJ Save the Date- Happy Hour January 15th

Why It Sometimes Make Sense to Spend Money to Save Money

I get this question all the time – something along the lines of… “if I’m trying to save money, why should I spend money to hire you?! Why spend money to save money?!” I get it… it sounds ironic to make an investment in your financial wellness when money is scarce or you are trying to save as much as you can. But think about it… if a money coach can get you out of debt, help you achieve your savings goals for your dream wedding or first home and reduces your stress tremendously, does it really matter how much you paid? You are still coming out far and above financially where you would have been if you continued doing it on your own. Interesting concept right?


Money Cleanse_Testimonial_Laura Maniec_December 2014

One of my friends and colleagues said that he is a big believer in hiring a professional for every area of his life and I loved that concept! The right combination of expertise and accountability work wonders – why not maximize it and reach your goals sooner? Since our conversation, I’ve hired a nutritionist and a dog trainer and am so happy with the results.

If you’ve been struggling through something on your own, let 2015 be the time you really make a change and let an expert help you. Professional help can get you to the finish line in a fraction of the time with a whole lot less struggle. Think of it as a gift to yourself to really reach those big goals in the New Year! You don’t have to do it alone.

4 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress in Check

Holiday stress management is really important all year round but can be particularly challenging during the holiday season when we are busy with parties and travelling, spend more money than we want, have less time to take care of ourselves and might have to spend time with people we don’t particularly love to be with. Put it all together, and you can already feel the knots forming in your muscles!

Here are some of my recommendations for keeping stress to a minimum during the holidays.

Stick to Your Routine

With all the events and travel, it can be hard to stick to your typical routine. Prioritize and keep to your typical routine where you can. If you are at a holiday party for dinner, have your typical healthy breakfast and lunch. If you typically meditate each morning, make time for it in your morning routine. Maybe you prioritize getting to the gym four times a week. After a night of fried hors d’oeuvres, one too many cocktails and an expensive cab ride home, you might think “screw it’ and skip the gym, get a greasy breakfast sandwich on your way to work and skip your morning meditation. Practice forgiveness, plan ahead and stick to your typical routine wherever possible. One bad night is just a blip but an entire holiday season of bad nights, will have ramifications on your health and wellness.

Get Some Rest 

When things get busy we often drop an hour (or 5) of sleep here or there. It might be just me, but the same problem that was no biggie when I was well rested can feel like the world is caving in after a few nights of little sleep. Make sure to carve out the time to stay rested during the holidays. If you are anything like me, this will arm you with the faculties to handle whatever comes your way.

Learn to Say ‘No’

Everyone and their brother is having holiday parties or hosting charity events. A friend of mine said she had RSVP’ed to 5 holiday parties all during one night last week. To keep your sanity and simply because of physical limitations, you will have to start saying ‘no’ to some invitations. I promise, with practice, it gets easier and will save you a lot of stress!

Make a Plan and Stick With It

Plan ahead (starting now if you haven’t already) for your holiday spending. You don’t want to wing it and find yourself in credit card debt come the bill at the end of the month. While it’s not fun to face the music when it comes to our spending, it’s a whole lot less stressful to know what you are getting into. This also gives you the opportunity to adjust and avoid spending outside your means.

Holiday Season Stress_money coach_the fiscal femme_12.06.14