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Make Your Dreams Fabulously Frugal with These 5 Steps

I have the travel bug. I day dream about far away (and nearby) places, drool over friends’ travel photos and create itineraries for fictitious trips. While this might sound like an expensive bug, pairing travel with being fabulously frugal means more travel for less cost. Why take one trip when you can take two equally fabulous trips for the same amount of money?

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Many of the things we dream about are pretty darn pricey. The pricier the dream, the longer it will take for us to save up to pay for it. Getting creative affords us the opportunity to live our dreams faster. That doesn’t mean the dream is any less fabulous, it just means we figured out a way to get it cheaper.

So how do you do it?

  1. Start with the dream. List out some of the things you dream about. One of my dreams is to live in another country each year.
  2. Then, get to the bottom of why it’s important. I want to explore the world and learn about different cultures. I had never traveled longer than a couple of weeks before our honeymoon. There was something so magical about stepping out of your day-to-day and immersing yourself in another way of living. I came back inspired and motivated.
  3. Now it’s time to get creative. You want to honor what’s most important about your dream and let go of what’s not important so that you can bring down the cost. Living in another country for a month each year would honor what’s most important about my dream. There are sites that do house swaps where someone comes to live in your home while you live in theirs. If you are able to find a good match, this actually erases the entire cost of hotels. You continue paying your rent or mortgage while you’re away. The only additional cost would be the flight to your new home. Not bad!
  4. Test it out. Once you have a list of creative solutions, test them out. Think them through and see which one gets you the most excited. Does a solution like this exist? For me, I’d want to do some research into how realistic it is to do a house swap. Would I feel comfortable? How does it work?
  5. Share it. Sharing the dream with those in your life is really important. First, you will want to get those who are part of the dream to buy in. When I first shared my travel dream with Justin, I could see his blood pressure rise. He said, “wow, that’s an expensive dream!” Once he heard me out, he realized that the only additional cost would be the flight and maybe some vacation time on his end. Now he’s on board! Sharing your dream also puts it out there. You are enlisting a team of friends and family to support you and hold you accountable for making your dream come true.

That’s all there is to making your dreams fabulously frugal so that you can live them sooner! Dream, create and share. I’d love to hear what you are dreaming about. Send me an email or comment below. I’m here to help make your dreams come true!

fabulously frugal, travel, fiscal femme, knowing your worth

The Fabulously Frugal Challenge

Money is about living our best life now and in the long-term. How do we maximize each dollar we spend and use so that we can achieve all of our goals and dreams by a certain period of time? One of my favorite ways to do that is by being fabulously frugal. Being fabulously frugal is about increasing the fabulous in our life while decreasing the cost.

Frugality means caring about value. Being frugal is about making choices to maximize the value, enjoyment and happiness you get for your money.

Let’s all take on the challenge of being fabulously frugal this month. Look for ways to save money while living more fabulously in each area of your life. For some areas of your life, this will seem really easy. For others, it might take some creativity and brainstorming with friends.

You’ll know when you’ve come up with something good because it will feel like a win-win. You’ll  be saving money but also would actually prefer this way of doing things even if money weren’t in the equation. This is really personal and will be different for everyone. Don’t forget to take a look at your savings on an annual basis. A $5 savings per day might not feel like it’s having a big impact but when you look at that annually, that’s $1,825 you’ve freed up to use elsewhere or save.

Here are some ideas for being fabulously frugal. ‘d love to hear what you find. Send me an email at ashley@knowingyourworth.com or comment below with your fab frugal ideas!

FITNESS: I’m a huge fan of ClassPass. It’s so fabulously frugal because you get to go to amazing studios around the city for a flat rate that pays for itself in 4 classes. I hate the idea of my fitness bill increasing the more I work out. They also have an easy booking system so that you can book whatever studios you want, wherever you want in the city. I run to whatever class I’m going to in order to get more cardio and save on the subway swipe to and from the studio. While the weather is still nice, I love to workout outside. Justin, Simi and I ran through Central Park over the weekend and I was in awe of the view. I want to enjoy every last bit of good weather before the cold starts rolling in!

fabulously frugal, knowing your worth, the fiscal femme, money coach

BEAUTY: There are so many ways to decrease the price of your beauty bill while increasing your fabulousness. One of which is to go to a hair stylist in training at a fancy salon. You get the same level of service as if you were a full paying customer but it does take a bit more time because your cut/color will be checked over by an experienced stylist. I also love Lifebooker for getting great deals around the city on anything beauty related. I would use this site even if it weren’t for the deals because it makes it so easy to book appointments whenever and wherever you want. One investment I made for our wedding has paid off in dividends – my clip in extensions. I can look and feel fabulous without getting my hair blown out which is a ~$45 savings each time. Not only can I wear them whenever I want, they save me the time of travel to and from the salon and more than paid for themselves by the 5th blowout I skipped.

TRAVEL: I learned a lot about being a fabulously frugal traveler when Justin and I traveled for our honeymoon this summer. Sometimes we were fabulously frugal and other times it was more of a learning experience but I share my best tips in 10 Ways to Save Big While Traveling.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

HOME DECOR: I’m newly obsessed with a company called Homepolish which offers interior design services by the hour. Advice from the experts can save us time, help us create a space we love to spend time in and save us lots of money. They can also help you plan your wedding registry so you only get things you will use and love for your home. Stay tuned for more! I’m going to sit down with one of their designers in November for an interview. I also love fun DIY projects. PopSugar has tons of DIY decor ideas for you to go through that will make you proud.

knowing your worth, money coach, homepolish, fabulously frugal

A Homepolish living room.

FASHION: I have found that planning is the best way to be fabulously frugal when it comes to shopping. When you know what you want, you can wait for the sample sale or for the item to go on sale. When you are in a rush, you are at the mercy of the store and whatever they are offering. I watch the sales in my area via Racked.com. I learned so much from working with Rachel Levin (our interview here). Stay tuned for a post on my simplified, high quality wardrobe – complements of Rachel!

FOOD: I love cooking healthy, easy, delicious and cheap recipes (here’s one for pickles!)! If you have some favorites, please send them my way. I also love having friends over for dinner. When I want to host a dinner party but am not in the mood to cook, I use Kitchensurfing. Kitchensurfing offers a very affordable service where a chef comes in, cooks for you and your guests and cleans up. Very fabulously frugal! A potluck is another great idea. Have everyone bring a dish and you can even get creative with fun dinner party themes.

DRINK: My new favorite toy, the Coravin, saves me money and increases the fabulousness of my life because I get to taste wine without opening the bottle! Sharing a bottle of wine with friends at the park or in your home is much cheaper than going out (2.5-3x as cheap). It’s also often quieter and cozier which makes it easier to enjoy the amazing company.

I also love making infused water which tastes amazing, keeps me hydrated and costs very little. Here are 8 delicious infused water recipes from Shape.com.

The Often Overlooked Way to Be Fabulously Frugal

Being fabulously frugal is one of my favorite games in life and also one of my favorite concepts. Save money, live a better life. Who doesn’t want to do more of that?

Sometimes, being fabulously frugal means spending money up front, to save money later. It might sound counterintuitive but we are faced with decisions to do this all of the time. Grocery shopping is a great example. In one trip, you spend a lot more than you would on a regular meal, but then you don’t have to spend money on meals the rest of the week (even two weeks).

A less common example is my new Coravin. For those of you who haven’t heard the news, a Coravin is a genius machine that lets you take tastes, even glasses out of a wine bottle without removing the cork or affecting the aging process. As a wine lover who enjoys tasting a bunch of wines, this is a very exciting innovation. I can try everything in our cellar without evening opening a bottle. This will end up saving me so much money and definitely increases the fabulousness in my life! When I launched my Savvy Investor course last week, Justin and I celebrated by tasting a very old and delicious Italian wine. Best part is, we can do that a bunch more times and see how it changes with age or decide to open the bottle later.

The Overlooked Way of Being Fabulously Frugal

When you make the decision to spend more now to save later, it’s important to honestly evaluate the purchase. Will this plan actually work when I put it into practice? Will this make my life more fabulous? Will this actually save me money? For example, if you pay for a yearly membership all up front in order to save, it’s important that you actually use the membership to make it worth while.

How have you invested up front to save money over the long run? How did it work out? I’d love to hear about it!

5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make with Their Finances

Originally posted on Be Sage Wedding Pros.

Being an entrepreneur is an extremely fulfilling career where you get to live your passion, challenge yourself daily and experience great freedom. While you may love running your business and focusing on your expertise, other aspects, especially the finance side may feel overwhelming. While you may way to avoid the finances of your business altogether, financial decisions can magnify your success in the short and long run.

Having a handle on the financial side of your business is incredibly important. An understanding of the numbers can maximize what you earn, protect you and your family and even keep you in business. Dedicate some time to your finances each month and I promise it will improve your business, reduce stress and save you unnecessary heartache. Here are five mistakes small business owners make with their finances and most importantly, how you can avoid them.

5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make_Knowing Your Worth_the Fiscal Femme_09.09.15

  1. They combine their business and personal finances.

As a small business owner it can be really tempting to lump your personal finances in with your business finances. Many of your personal expenses are also business expenses and it might seem simpler to look at them both together. I highly recommend keeping your personal finances separate from your business finances for multiple reasons. If your personal and business expenses aren’t separate it makes it very difficult to see how your business is actually doing. Large personal expenses can make business earnings look smaller than they actually are and vice versa. It will also add a lot of unnecessary work at tax time!

  1. They don’t pay themselves first.

Paying ourselves is another area where entrepreneurs struggle because often so much of what we make gets invested back into the business. At the end of the day, running a business is a job that you are doing so that you can make money. If you don’t pay yourself first and protect your financial future, no one else will do it for you. Take the time to set up the correct retirement options for you and your employees. Depending on your company structure you can set up a SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Arrangement), 401-K, Simple IRA (Individual Retirement Account) or defined benefit plan. Once you choose the correct structure for you, put it to work. Set up automatic contributions so that you are paying yourself each month. If it seems overwhelming, start small. You can contribute as little as 1% of your income and slowly work up from there. Some plans will increase your contributions automatically by whatever you choose over a specified period of time. If you increase you contribution percentage every month by 1%, you’ll be contributing 12% by the end of the first year and may hardly notice a change!

  1. They don’t get started investing. 

One of the most important ways you can reach your financial goals, retirement or otherwise, is to invest. Investing is a way to grow your savings so that you reach your goals more quickly while doing less work. While the wide world of investing can seem very daunting, it’s much more important to get started than to be perfect. We learn by doing, so no matter how much you read and research, nothing will compare with actually going through the process. Set aside a small amount of money to practice and you won’t regret it!

If you are ready to start investing, but aren’t sure where to start, check out the Savvy Investor course that starts on Tuesday. I’ll have you investing confidently and competently in 3 months, guaranteed.

  1. They wing it when it comes to financial projections.

As an entrepreneur, you will want to create projections into the next year and even the next few years. What do you expect your company to earn in the coming months given what you know about your current business and potential new revenue? What can you expect to spend each month based on recurring bills, when annual expenses fall and new investments you will make in your business? Breaking down how many new customers you will need to achieve your revenue goals will help you put together a plan to make it happen. Also, if you know you have a large expense coming up, you can plan for it accordingly by saving cash for a certain period of time, creating a payment plan or getting access to financing. If the large expense comes up and you didn’t plan for it, you will have to scrape the means together quickly and may have to take on unfavorable and expensive financing terms.

  1. They don’t have a monthly finance routine.

Bookkeeping is a very important practice for entrepreneurs. If you have the resources, this is something that you can also hire someone to do for a very reasonable fee. Bookkeeping just means keeping track of your income and expenses in an easy to reference way. There are various types of software available to help you do it, making it easy to see how much money you made and spent in a given month and even in a given category. You can track growth or decline in specific areas and revenue streams, however you prefer to look at your business. Also, you’d be surprised how much revenue companies lose by forgetting to collect on an invoice or by not following up with customers who have not yet paid. Losing money you’ve already earned is definitely something we all want to avoid!

Set aside time to focus on the money side of your business and you will be setting you and your business up for a bright future. While avoiding your finances altogether may feel easier at times, facing the numbers will help you create a plan for a successful business while also reducing your stress. The good news is that you don’t have to go at it alone. You have the option to hire wonderful professionals to help you make the right choices for you and your company. Don’t be afraid to use the resources available to you!

4 Investing Myths Debunked

The Savvy Investor course starts tonight and I could not be more excited to demystify the world of investing with this amazing group! I thought today would  be a perfect day to debunk some of the most common investing myths I hear. Think about what’s holding you back from getting started. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it were only a myth?! Here are 4 common investing myths, debunked.

4 Investing Myths Debunked_Knowing Your Worth_the Fiscal Femme

1- Investing is only for Wall Street and millionaires.

With all the information, jargon and people who lose a ton of money, investing can seem far out of reach and maybe even a bad idea for you and me. Fortunately, this could not be further from the truth. People like us can greatly benefit from investing our money for the long-term and most of us will not be able to reach our savings and retirement goals without doing so!

2 – You need a lot of money to start investing. 

To start to practice investing, you need very little money. You can buy a share of an index fund that mimics the S&P 500 and own a share of the largest 500 companies in the U.S. for under $200. Not too shabby! That being said, investing is for money that you don’t plan to use in the near future. You will want to have your emergency fund and any short-term savings in some form of cash such as a high yield savings account.

3 – Investing is very risky.

Investing can be very risky but doesn’t have to be very risky. For example, if you invest the money you plan to use for your vacation next year, there is a chance that you won’t have that money available when you need it. The market fluctuates and we don’t know where it will be day-to-day or even year-to-year. When you invest for the long-term (i.e. invest money you don’t need to touch for a long time), you take a lot of the risk out of investing because you can afford to wait out down cycles in the market. On average, the market has increased over the past 20 years, even the past 100 years so if you have the time to wait, you will be in much better shape than if you didn’t invest.

4 – Investing is difficult. 

This is another sometimes but not always scenario. Investing can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. There are entire firms dedicated to beating the market. They use algorithms, computer programs and market experts to decide where and how to invest. Others of us are happy investing in the market itself. You don’t have to beat the market in order to do well with investing! The market has done pretty darn well over the long run and you can invest in the market by investing in an index fund.

If you are interested in learning more, sign up for my Savvy Investor course that launches tonight. Over the course of 3 months I’ll teach you everything you need to know to be investing confidently and competently, guaranteed. I start with the very basics so you don’t need to know anything about investing or personal finance to join. It’s time to have your money start working for you! Send me a note if you have any questions.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Investing Now

Originally seen on bSmart Guide. 

If you haven’t started investing, I don’t blame you!  It’s not something we’re taught growing up, it’s incredibly intimidating, and we’re scared to make a mistake and lose our hard-earned money.  There are entire TV channels, countless articles, and thousands of books dedicated to the topic of investing and to make matters worse, these resources often provide us with the opposite advice.  Yikes!  What’s a gal to do?

While I completely understand why we put off investing, I urge you to give it a try!  Here are my four reasons why you should start investing now:

1) We learn by doing.

How many times have you studied everything you could possibly learn about something only to find that you didn’t really understand it until you gave it a try?  Think about your time in college.  No matter what you learned about life after college or how many skills you gained to prepare you, nothing compared with the value you received from real world experience.  Investing is no different.  You can read and research until the cows come home, but until you open a brokerage account, purchase an investment, and experience what it’s like to own something in the market, you won’t fully ‘get’ it.

2) You have enough money to start.

One of the most common reasons I hear that people haven’t started investing is that they don’t have enough money.  Maybe that’s why you haven’t started yet.  We assume that investing is just for millionaires or for Wall Street bankers, but you don’t need much money at all.  Did you know you could invest in all of the largest 500 companies in the U.S. for under $200?  Yes, that’s true.  You can own a piece of all 500 companies on the S&P 500 for under $200.  What are you waiting for?

4 Reasons You Should Be Investing Now

3) You’ll reach your goals faster.

If you are part of the bSmart community, I assume you’re pretty awesome.  You’re most likely up to big things and have some pretty amazing and ambitious goals.  Guess what?  Investing helps you achieve your long-term goals faster.  If you want to achieve financial freedom so that you don’t have to work, can invest in property, travel the world or [insert your biggest goal here], investing your savings will help you get there faster.  Not only do you have the potential to earn more on your savings when you invest it, but you also get to invest your earnings year after year, which is called compounding.  Warren Buffet calls compound interest the 8th wonder of the world because it allows for the accumulation of wealth.  Your money grows and your money growth grows.

4) If you don’t invest, you are leaving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table.

Not only does investing help you reach your goals faster, it also helps you earn thousands, if not millions more over the course of your lifetime.  Talk about a raise!  Let’s say you save $5,000 this year and expect to be able to save an additional $1,000 each year going forward.  That means you will have saved $5,000 this year, $6,000 next year and $7,000 the year after.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s also assume that you plan to use all of these savings for long-term goals.  Over 20 years, you will have saved $315,000.  If you put that money in a high interest savings account with a return of 1%, you’ll have almost $340,115.  Not bad.

But, if you invested that savings in the S&P 500, which has had an average return of around 9.4% over the last 20 years according to Yahoo Finance, you’d have almost $708,000 saved.  That is more than double the amount you set aside.  Imagine what the difference would be if you saved even more than that!

Long story short, don’t cheat yourself by putting off investing.  Getting started is much more important than being perfect and I’m here to help!  I promise, it’s not as scary as you might think.

What’s holding you back from investing?  What’s one thing you can commit to doing this week that will move you forward in the process?  No matter where you are in life or how long you’ve been putting this off, it’s time to get your earn on!

The Savvy Investor_Knowing Your Worth_the Fiscal Femme_Money Coach

If you’re ready to learn more, my Savvy Investor Course starts on September 8th. I’ll have you investing confidently and competently in 3 months, guaranteed! Don’t miss out on earning thousands, if not millions more in your lifetime. It’s time to get your earn on! Click here to learn more about the Savvy Investor Course. 

Why Investing is No Different than Buying Shoes

Many of us steer clear of investing altogether because we believe it’s too complicated and risky. Would you believe me if I told you that the steps involved in making an investment are no different than buying a new pair of shoes? It’s true! You might not realize it but every time you make a purchase, you go through 6 specific steps that are identical to what you need to do to start investing.

While shopping might seem like more fun, isn’t it even more fun to grow your money rather than spend it? Who doesn’t want more money? Here are the 6 steps you currently go through each time you make a purchase. Now you can use what you already know and do to make an investment purchase!

Why Investing is No Different than Buying Shoes_Fiscal Femme_Knowing Your Worth

Step 1: Decide you want or need shoes.  There are countless reasons that we decide to buy shoes. We might be pining over a certain pair of shoes, need a staple replacement or have an event coming up. This is no different from investing. You can just decide you want to start investing and you can. It’s as easy as buying a pair of shoes. Eventually, you might want to create a monthly investing budget which is no different than a shopping budget. How much will you put aside to invest each month?

Step 2: Do your research. Now that you know that you want to buy a pair of shoes, it’s time to do your research. What are your options? Which stores have the best price? Maybe some stores offer additional perks or points. What do the reviews say? When we shop for anything, we want to do our research. Shopping for an investment is no different. You’ll want to understand the investment generally, know what fees are involved and read what others are saying about it.

Step 3: Select your shoes. Once you do your research, it’s time to choose your shoes! With investing or other money goals, choosing can be the most difficult part. We get stuck in the research phase. With shoes, making the selection is not often a problem for very long. Remember, investing is like buying shoes. Yes, research is important but if you ever want to have the shoes, you just have to make the choice.

Step 4: Decide where to buy the shoes. Based on your research, convenience, where you already do some shopping (brand loyalty) and various other factors, you will decide where you want to buy your shoes. The store for your investments in called a brokerage firm. This is the platform from which you can buy and sell investments. You will decide which brokerage firm to use based on similar factors you use to choose a shoe store. If you already have an account with one firm, you will be more likely to continue using them. You might prefer one user interface more than the others or might choose the brokerage account with the most favorable fees.

Why is important to select the investments before you choose the brokerage account? Some brokerage accounts offer free trading for certain investments. Depending on what you plan to invest in, one brokerage account might make more sense than the others. This is no different than when you buy shoes. You wouldn’t want to choose a store that doesn’t sell the shoes you want. Even more, you wouldn’t want to choose the store that sells your shoes for the highest price!

Step 5: Buy the shoes. We often decide how to make a shopping purchase very quickly. Will you pay in cash, use a certain credit card, debit card or even write a check? We typically have our go-to preferred method of payment but sometimes it pays to give this decision a little thought. With investing, you get to choose which way you want to invest as well. There are various options for making a purchase including a market, limit, stop, and stop limit order. If these options are overwhelming, go back to the decision to use cash, credit or debit. Yes, it makes a difference but at the end of the day, it’s much more important that you bought the shoes. The same goes for investing!

Step 6: See how the shoes turn out. I don’t know about you but when I buy something there is definitely some risk involved. At the time of purchase, I never quite know if this will be something I will wear ALL of the time or something I will only wear every now and then. You’d think after years of shopping I’d get better at this but this is still a risk I take every time I make a purchase. There is also the risk of me staining it, ruining it in the wash, ripping it or losing it altogether which means I never get to wear it again.

Similarly, there are risks involved with investing. You don’t ever truly know whether the investment will go up or down although over the long-term the trend is usually up. You can’t predict how much money you’ll have at any given time. It’s all very exciting! Whatever you do, don’t sell the investment just because the price is going down. For many, this might be the type of thing where you only want to check in every 6 months or so because the ups and downs can drive you crazy.

If you’re ready to learn more, my Savvy Investor Course starts on September 8th. I’ll have you investing confidently and competently in 3 months, guaranteed! Don’t miss out on earning thousands, if not millions more in your lifetime. It’s time to get your earn on! Click here to learn more about the Savvy Investor Course. 

The Savvy Investor_Get Your Earn On!

Fiscal Femme Fridays – The Roundup – August 21st

The New & Improved Fiscal Femme_04.11.15Happy Fiscal Femme Friday! We’re out to demystify the world of money and personal finance for YOU. Please share, pin, tweet, etc. whatever moves you so that we can inspire and support a new conversation and language around money together. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

5 MINUTE FINANCIAL BLISS TIP: Set aside a small pool of money to start investing. Many think that investing is just for millionaires and Wall Street but that could not be farther from the truth. As with many things, it’s so much more important to get started than to be perfect. We learn by doing so check out the Fiscal Femme’s investing articles or sign up for the Savvy Investor course and get your earn on! Early bird pricing for the Savvy Investor course ends Monday!

Fearless Friday_Embrace the mess_Fiscal Femme_Knowing Your Worth

FABULOUSLY FRUGAL: Join the bring your lunch to work campaign and save big 5 days a week. A $10 savings 5x a week for 52 weeks is $2,600 a year! For a fab frugal win-win, you can start a lunch club like Fiscal Femme reader Emily Robota, where one person brings lunch for the group of 4-6 people each week. It saves money and time and is fun and social! The meals are also fresh and healthy and you get to try new things. Thanks for the great idea Emily!

LESSON LEARNED: I’ve only recently learned the true value of owning a high-quality versatile wardrobe and it’s all thanks to the wonderful, beautiful and talented, Rachel Levin. One question I never have asked myself when shopping is “what will this work with that I already have?” I own and purchase way too many things that work with one thing only and I can hardly wear them! Not only does this mean I need to buy more items, it also takes me a long time to figure out what works in my closet each day when I get dressed. Rachel recommends quality staples that go with almost everything in my closet. I can now mix and match almost everything which gives me so many more options but with far fewer items. It’s just plain math! Less items in total and less items to replace because they last longer. 

MONEY INSPIRATION: You might have met Rachel of Rachel Levin Style when I interviewed her almost a year ago. She taught us the surprising way to save money on clothes. I recently experienced all of her advice firsthand when she did a closet consultation with me and then took me shopping. It was the most fun and pampering shopping experience of my life (and I don’t even like to shop.)!

First, she went through everything in my closet and we talked about maximizing what I have as well as the holes I need to fill in my wardrobe. We then went shopping to fill those holes and Rachel does all of the hard parts for you. She goes to stores in advance and pulls items for you so that they are there waiting for you to try on. All that’s left for you to do is try them on and decide. Also, Rachel is an independent stylist so she’s completely objective and there’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything. You can buy your closet staples on your own timeline.

In our interview last year Rachel talked about the 80 / 20 rule when it comes to our clothes. We typically only wear 20% of what’s in our closet. After meeting with Rachel, I found it easy to let go of that 80% I wasn’t wearing which has been hugely liberating and makes my morning choices so much simpler!

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Rachel and her amazing business! I hope you enjoy our interview as this week’s money inspiration.

Rachel Levin Style_Money Inspiration_Fiscal Femme_Knowing Your Worth

What’s your #1 Frugal Joy?
Shopping on The Real Real designer clothing at a great price that has never been worn. You can search for your favorite designers and add “w/tags” to snag amazing deals on prior season and vintage pieces.

Do You have a ‘Money Motto?
Save some, spend some, give some.

Best money advice you ever got?
Stop using credit cards and switch to cash for weekly expenditures – like groceries, lunches, and manicures. You become more mindful of what you are spending when you physically count out the cash.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?
Entertaining at home- my husband cooks dinner sourced from our local Farmers Market and I make cocktails. We get to visit with friends, be creative with the menus, and save money by eating in.

What are you most excited about right now?
Completing phase one of renovations on our new property and having money to travel again!

How can people connect with you?
My clients prefer phone, text, or email – I am happy to communicate anyway that works best for them! All my contact information is listed below.

Here’s how you can reach Rachel:

Rachel Levin
President, Rachel Levin Style LLC
Phone: 917.588.4450
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Cooking with the Fiscal Femme – Learn how to make pickles!

Here’s a great snack recipe that’s healthy, easy and delicious. The best part is that these pickles only cost us $0.36 each! They’re perfect for adding some crunch to your lunch.

Fun fact: Cleopatra attributed her beauty to a diet full of pickles.

Another fun fact: Pickles are Alisha’s favorite food and frugal joy!

– 4 cups water: free!
– 10 garlic cloves: $.50 cents
– 4 cups organic white vinegar: $1.49
– 6 Kirby cucumbers: $4.64
– Bunch of fresh dill: $1.99 (wayy more than necessary)
– 1/2 tablespoon salt
– 1/2 tablespoon black peppercorns (optional)
– 1/2 tablespoon coriander seed (optional)
– 1/2 tablespoon celery seed (optional)
– 1/2 tablespoon mustard Seed (optional)
– Carrots / cauliflower: (optional)

Spices can be expensive, especially if you are only going to use them once, so we wanted to provide some recipe alternatives just in case you don’t already have the above spices. Check out Craftsy’s pickle variations for some other great pickle options.

– Bring water to boil in medium sauce pan
– Reduce heat, add garlic and cook for 5 minutes
– Add vinegar and salt, bring to a boil and stir until salt dissolves
– Remove from heat
– In clear 2 quart jar / tub or 2 1 quart jar / tubs, place a few sprigs of dill
– Add garlic to the jar
– Pack the jar full of cucumbers, carrot and cauliflower
– Bring brine back to a boil, pour it over the vegetables and close the jar
– Let cool and then refrigerate
– Pickles are ready after a couple of days and last up to 3 months!


10 Money Lifestyle Sites We Love!

I believe the purpose of money is for us to live our best life in the near and long-term. We want to be saving and investing for our most important goals while also enjoying life NOW! Whether it’s food, beauty, fashion or fitness, there are tons ways to be fabulously frugal. Why not maximize our lifestyle with every dollar we spend? Along my money journey I’ve used some amazing resources that I want to share with you.

I’d love to hear where you turn for amazing fabulously frugal ideas. Comment below or send me an email and share your favorite money lifestyle resources!

10 Money Lifestyle Sites We Love

DailyWorth. You might have heard about DailyWorth as a great resource for personal finance but they also have an amazing lifestyle section with articles on health, charity, travel, beauty and fashion and more.

SkinnytasteNeed dinner inspiration? Gina has your back! Skinnytaste is my go-to website when I’m cooking or looking for meny ideas because all of the recipes are easy, delicious, healthy and simple. Simple means fewer ingredients which also reduces the cost.

TheSkimm. Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a site, but Carly and Danielle are responsible for getting millions of people the news each morning in their clever, entertaining and easy-to-digest emails. They read, we get to skimm and I’m so grateful! Oh, and it’s free!

FrugalBeautifulShannon’s entire site is dedicated to living a beautiful life on any budget. Her articles range from everything from decorating on a budget to getting out of debt. It’s a one-stop shop for all things beautiful and frugal!

Racked. A great resource for sample sales in your area. If you know you need something, why not wait until you can get it 40-80% off! There is also a section full of guides on various shopping, beauty, “best of” and other lifestyle experiences.

Corporette. Kat writes a fashion and lifestyle blog for lawyers, bankers, consultants, MBAs and other women who are balancing the professional and fashionable. I love her Frugal Friday posts where she shares beautiful, versatile wardrobe staple pieces under $150 and she also posts about sales at her favorite stores.

PopSugarWhile PopSugar is a great lifestyle site with inspirational content on fashion, beauty, motherhood, weddings, smart living and much more, I particularly love the fitness section. It’s full of great healthy recipes, fun free workouts and shares the latest on health and fitness news.

The Budget Babe. The Budget Babe team writes for fashion conscious individuals who want to stretch their wardrobe dollars. Sound familiar? You can only spend each dollar once so you want to maximize the happiness and value you get from each dollar you spend. This applies to fashion too!

TheEveryGirl. TheEveryGirl is such a beautiful lifestyle site that covers topics ranging from career & finance to travel and wellness. The site is out to help you live your best life and achieve all of your life dreams. Yes please!

ToneItUp. These gals have taken the fitness world by storm. Their site is full of free workouts, recipes and fun inspiration posts all about fitness and living a healthy life.